Acronis Access Advanced gets updated with new security and collaborative features

Image Source: Acronis
Image Source: Acronis
Acronis has announced the availability of Acronis Access Advanced 7.2, the latest version of its mobile file access, sync and share solution for enterprises.
As the workforce becomes increasingly reliant on mobile devices, it has become more and more important to have a secure way to share and access sensitive data on these devices. At the same time, IT departments have had to struggle with losing control over the burgeoning number of devices used by employees.
Acronis Access Connect tackles this issue directly by returning some semblance of control to IT departments, while also enabling employees to share and access data more easily.
The update adds enhanced security and privacy functions and is now integrated with Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Management (MAM) to help IT administrators deploy Acronis Access Advanced and apply their management policies for data protection. It also supports several popular content management and storage systems – Alfresco and EMC Documentum for instance – and even features an overhauled user interface for iOS devices.
Furthermore, features like Web Preview allow employees to view documents without downloading them, thus ensuring that crucial data remains at its intended location and is always under control of the IT department.
As Corri Silveira, Technology Services Manager, Mid Valley IT, said, “With the new Acronis Access Advanced, we can give our users highly secure access and sharing for all of our private cloud file shares, as well as SharePoint. At the same time, we can maintain greater control over our data with comprehensive security, granular policy management, and better ability to manage users, devices, apps, and data at all times.”
Source: Acronis