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Your partner's been cheating: What is Netflix cheating and how to cheat like a pro

By Koh Wanzi - 14 Feb 2017

The different types of cheaters and how to cheat successfully

What kind of cheater are you?

The question then is not whether or not people cheat. It’s what sort of cheater they are. Here’s a list of the five most common types of impatient, Netflix-binging couch potatoes (alternatively, you can take this "survey"):

1. The Long-distance Cheater

The name says it all. This cheater has the time of day when their partner goes out of town, seizing the opportunity to finish all five seasons of Breaking Bad.

Image Source: Netflix


2. The Serial Cheater

This brazen type recognizes no limits, and will happily cheat on you more than once. They’re sneaky too, and may even retreat to another room to pursue their craven delights.

Image Source: Netflix


3. The Loyalist

Oh, this cheater isn’t even a cheater at all. They’re loyal to the core, and value the time they’ll be able to spend with you while binge watching a show together. This one is clearly a keeper.

Image Source: Netflix


4. The Night Owl

They say some things come out only at the witching hour. This creature comes out only after their partner has fallen asleep.

Image Source: Netflix


5. The (Un)Apologist

These are the psychopaths of the streaming world. Cold, unfeeling, and unapologetic, they don’t feel guilty about cheating and would cheat on you again if they knew they could get away with it. When confronted, many will lie outright to your face.

Image Source: Netflix


How to get away with cheating

But let's get serious here. Why should you wait for your partner if they can't keep up with you? They should get with the program! Disclaimer: We don't accept any responsibility should any of the tips below end up ruining your relationship.


1. Burner phone? No, create a burner profile

You need to create a temporary profile for your illicit activities. Netflix allows you to create up to five profiles on a single account, so assuming that you don’t have five concurrent users, you’ll be able to set up a burner profile as and when the situation calls for.

Simply log in, get your fill of the next 10 episodes, and the delete the profile. Completely untraceable. Alternatively, you can head to “My Activity” under the “Your Account” tab to delete all viewing history on your main profile, but that might raise red flags.

Create a burner profile to cover your tracks.


2. Get to know these life-saving key shortcuts

Sometimes all you need are fast reactions. If you like living on the edge, these keyboard shortcuts may or may not help you get out of a sticky situation:

  • Space – Play/Pause
  • Enter – Play/Pause
  • PgUp – Play
  • PgDn – Pause
  • F – Full-screen
  • Esc – Exit full-screen
  • Shift+Left arrow – Rewind
  • Shift+Right arrow – Fast Forward
  • Up arrow – Volume Up
  • Down arrow – Volume Down
  • M – Mute


3. Take advantage of the mobile download function

Netflix recently made it possible for you to download shows to your mobile device (and SD card) for offline viewing. This means you can now sneak some shows on the side without worrying whether you have a Wi-Fi connection, which gives you plenty more options.

Feel free to catch up on your favorite show on your daily commute, but remember to delete your downloads afterwards.

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