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Our top gaming and AV deals at The Tech Show 2023

By The Count - 12 Nov 2023

Our top gaming and AV deals at The Tech Show 2023

Note: This feature was first published on 9 November 2023.

Looking for the best gaming hardware deals at this year's Tech Show? Whether it's gaming laptops or televisions to pair with your PlayStation or Xbox Series X/S consoles, these are some of the best deals we found on the show floor during our walkabout today.

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HiSense 100-inch U7K Mini-LED PRO ULED 4K

This HiSense Mini-LED is a 100-inch gargantuan monster, and I want to bring to your attention that the television is going for an equally astonishing discounted $8,999 - making it quite possibly the 'cheapest' 100-inch Mini-LED television at The Tech Show (or anywhere else for that matter). Mind you, that's no small change, but if you're in the hunt to fill up the wall in your living room (or bedroom), this HiSense is worth shortlisting.

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You can find it at the HiSense booth (8301).

Samsung 98-inch QLED 98Q80C 

Perhaps you prefer Samsung's QLED range of televisions, and this 98-inch is just a tad smaller than the above HiSense Mini-LED. But don't let the display price at the show floor scare you. The salesman at the Best Denki booth informed me the Tech Show's special price is $12,299 (and a Samsung projector as a free gift). I don't know about you, but that still sounds scary enough to me. There's no harm in trying to bargain it down further, if you have been holding out for an ultra-large Samsung TV. Perhaps the last day of the show is a great time to try this tactic.

@hwztech 100-inches too bug? We got you fam! #thetechshow2023 #comexitshow #samsung #qled #qledtv #homeentertainment #gobigorgohome #lifestyle #techtok #tiktoksg #hwzsg #fyp ♬ K-POP, BLACKPINK track - Daisuke"D.I"Imai

You can find it at the Best Denki booth (8120).

Samsung 65-inch OLED QA65S95CAKXXS

Not many households in Singapore can fit a 98- or 100-inch television without searing your eyes. Actually, I think 65-inch is fast becoming the most popular television size around, and this Samsung OLED television is available for $3,699 (Tech Show price). At the show floor, I found this to be the best 65-inch television available for buyers who are less price-sensitive. In return, you get some really nifty image processing, eye comfort, advanced audio and smart calibration features -- many of these that are only unique to Samsung, such as their One Connect breakout box, Multi View support and a host of enhanced software perks.

You can find it at the Best Denki booth (8120).

HiSense 27-inch AM Driving Mini-LED

Oddly enough, I didn't see many gaming monitors going on sale at this year's Tech Show but this HiSense 27-inch Mini-LED caught my eye not only for its "eye-rubbing" price tag of $679, which I thought is a pretty good deal for any 27-inch Mini-LED gaming monitors. Mini-LED backlighting improves displays by delivering more contrast and adding brightness. This increased contrast usually means that a Mini-LED-backlit display can accept a high dynamic range (HDR) signal that will take advantage of this capability.

You can find it at the HiSense booth (8301).

Secretlab chairs and tables

Our gaming editor considers the Secretlab Titan Evo as the best gaming chair in his review, and the company has some pretty good bundle deals if you're keen to give your bum the love it deserves. For example, you can save up to $549 when purchasing both a Titan Evo and a Magnus Pro table at the Tech Show.

You can find it at the Secretlab booth (8437).

Osim uThrone S Gaming (and massage) chair

I have not had the chance to review the uThrone S gaming chair by Osim yet, but if you're after a gaming chair with massage functions, then Osim is having a Tech Show promo price of $399 (with free gift). No Decepticon designs available though.

You can find it at the Osim booth (8330).

MSI Cyborg A12VF-021SG

The MSI Cyborg comes in three different variants at the Tech Show, but it's the A12VF model that I thought is the best value for money at $1,799. The GPU is the only difference across all models, and the A12VF's NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 8GB Laptop GPU will offer more processing power for games and power efficiency to save on your utility bills.

You can find it at the Best Denki and CR Group booths (8210 & 8150).

Gigabyte G5 KF5

The G5 KF5 is an alternative choice for the above MSI's laptop. Not only does it sport the same NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 8GB Laptop GPU, but it also comes with a superior Intel 13th Gen Core i7-13620H CPU. The trade-off, though, is that it comes with just 8GB of RAM. It's your choice.

You can find it at the CR Group booth (8150).

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