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Top four products announced at IFA GPC 2019

By Marcus Wong - 28 Apr 2019

Top four products announced at IFA GPC 2019

As with all IFA Global Press Conferences, companies take the stage to show off what they're bringing to the IFA conference later in the year. Here are four that stood out. 


Philips wants to bring the dentist to your home with Sonicare Teledentistry

We all have our own reasons for putting off that visit to the dentist, but dental health is very much a concern that requires your attention. Well, at IFA GPC 2019, Philips has announced they’re launching an app to help bring the doctor to you.

The Philips Sonicare app is meant to act as a virtual hub for your oral healthcare, getting feedback from future Sonicare Expert Clean toothbrushes on how often you brush, creating a progress report you can show your dentist. We’re told RFID chips in the toothbrush and head will be used so the app can remind you when to replace the head. The toothbrush will also automatically be set to the right setting so you’re always getting the best clean.

The app will also have a Direct Care feature which gets you to take a photo of your teeth and sends it to a remote Teledentist who will return personalized feedback within 6 to 24 hours. Essentially, saving you a trip to the dentist if you don‘t require physical treatment like scaling or polishing.


Snore less, sleep better with Philips Snoring Relief

According to a global sleep study Philips conducted, about 77% of people say sleep impacts their overall health, but only one out of ten say they sleep extremely well. 29% account this to snoring, and 22% relate this to their partner’s snoring, so it does appear snoring is a problem.

Enter Philips’ Snoring Relief, a small sensor you wear across your body that uses gentle vibrations to “promote a favourable sleeping position.” This is supposed to let you fall asleep in the position that’s most comfortable for you, and ostensibly should help keep you in that position.

It seems the belt will also provide feedback based on your sleep habits, thus helping to promote a good sleep position.


Safera wants to make cooking smart with Safera Sense

Claiming to give “super senses” to your stove, Safera Sense is a smart sensor unit you place above your cooker top that helps you monitor if it’s on or not.  It allows you to set a timer so you won’t forget to take your simmering pot of stew off the stove, and apparently is also able to monitor the air quality around your stove.

In fact, Safera Sense is supposed to be able to recognize various cooking events and set up automatic timers that you can check simply by looking at the app. Smart sensors will also be able to detect if you aren’t physically present at the stove and shut it down before your oil bursts into flames. A power control unit is said to be in development so the sensor can shut off your electric stove remotely.

If you’ve always forgotten about turning on the ventilator for your stove, you’ll be glad to know Safera Sense monitors the air quality, humidity and temperature in real time, so you’ll know exactly when to ventilate your house.


Hisense shows off the U9 ULED series TV at IFA GPC 2019

Just announced at IFA GPC 2019 the 75U9E from Hisense is an 8K ULED TV with 33,177,600 pixels, making it one of the highest resolution TVs in the market. It’s the only display in the market with 5,376 local dimming zones with up to 2,000 nits of brightness, and uses Prime Array Backlight technology to deliver great control over contrast.

Meanwhile, Quantum Dot Wide Color Gamut technology allows it to deliver rich, vibrant colors, and features real-time AI backlight control/picture enhancement technology which allows the TV to adjust for the content that you’re watching; ensuring you always get the best experience.


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