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TL;DR: Your 5-point summary of everything Apple just launched

By James Lu - 10 Sep 2015

TL;DR: Your 5-point summary of everything Apple just launched

Missed Apple's iPhone 6s unveiling? Too long, didn't read? No worries, we've got you covered! Here's your five point summary of everything Apple just launched.

1. There's two new iPhones, and they're called the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

2. Apple is introducing a bigger 12.9-inch iPad, and it's compatible with a full-sized keyboard and an Apple stylus pencil.

3. The Apple TV overhaul you've been waiting for is finally here.

4. A new iPad Mini 4 was quietly announced.

5. There's going to be an Hermès edition Apple Watch and the Watch Sports edition is getting two new colors.

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1. There's two new iPhones, and they're called the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Despite some rumors that Apple was going to skip the 's' branding this year and go straight to the iPhone 7, the 's' is back. Outwardly, the new iPhones look identical to last year's models, although they're now made from aircraft-grade 7000 series aluminum (the same material used on the Apple Watch). There's also a new color: Rose Gold, it's similar to the existing gold color, but with a pinkish hue. 

As with most 's' models, the main enhancements can be found on the inside. Powering both phones is Apple's new A9 processor, which is said to be 70 percent faster than last year's A8. Both cameras have been improved too, with the rear camera bumped up to 12-megapixels, and the front camera now 5-megapixels.

The biggest change for the 6s is an update to the screen technology called 3D Touch. Essentially the same as the Force Touch technology found in your Apple Watch, 3D Touch can register the difference between a light press and a hard press on the screen, which you can use to pull up new menus, activate shortcuts, and generally interact with the device in new ways. Apple's Taptic Engine is also built into the phone to provide a feedback cue.

The new iPhones will go on sale on 25th September (although pre-orders start this Saturday). Click here for full pricing and availability details.

2. Apple is introducing a bigger 12.9-inch iPad, and it's compatible with a full-sized keyboard and an Apple stylus pencil

Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the new iPad Pro, calling it the "biggest news in iPad since the iPad.” With a 12.9-inch display, the new iPad Pro is huge, in fact, the width of the iPad Pro is the same as the height of the iPad Air 2. The display has a 2,732 x 2,048 pixels resolution (265ppi), which means the display is higher resolution than Apple's 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro. To add to its appeal as a content watching device, Apple has finally added a stereo speaker setup. In fact, they've done better than that, and the Pro has a unique four-speaker audio system that balances stereo and frequencies depending on how you hold it!

To go with the Pro, Apple is releasing a full-sized folding keyboard cover, which looks a lot like Microsoft's Surface Pro keyboard. The keyboard attaches magnetically and folds over the iPad to protect it. It also has a built-in stand.

Apple is also launching a stylus for the iPad Pro called the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil behaves somewhat similarly to Samsung's S-Pen, and has sensitivity sensors so you can press lightly for brief strokes or harder for wider strokes. Apple claims it feels like a true writing or drawing instrument.

3. The Apple TV overhaul you've been waiting for is finally here

"It's the golden age of television," says Tim Cook. "Our vision for TV is simple and perhaps a little provocative. We believe the future of television is apps."

The new Apple TV comes with a remote control that includes both a glass touchpad and motion sensitivity. The remote lets you doing things like fast forward and rewind by pressing on the touch-sensitive trackpad and swiping. You can also use it like a Nintendo Wii Remote to play games.

Siri will also be a big part of the new Apple TV. You can use her to voice search through content, asking about titles, actors, genres, and you can even get weirdly specific, like when Apple searched for "that Modern Family episode with Edward Norton." You can also use Siri to control playback within the show you're watching. For example, you can say "Siri skip ahead 7 minutes." You can even ask Siri "what did she say?", which causes her to rewind 15 seconds and momentarily turn on closed captioning.

Debuting with the Apple TV is Apple's brand new dedicated Apple TV App Store. The App Store will be a lot like the app store on iOS, and includes top charts and apps of the week. Gaming seems to be one of the big focuses for the Apple TV App Store, and developers like Disney Interactive and Activision have already partnered with Apple to bring console-quality games like "Disney Infinity 3.0" and "Guitar Hero" to the new Apple TV, which will all be playable with the new remote. The new Apple TV will also feature some exclusive games developed specifically for the new platform, including Rock Band creator Harmonix's new game "Beat Sports", which sort of looks like a cross between Wii Sports and Guitar Hero.

4. A new iPad Mini 4 was quietly announced

Almost lost among the other big announcements of the day, Apple also unveiled a refreshed iPad Mini. Internally, the Mini 4 has been updated to match last year's iPad Air 2 with Apple's A8X processor on board. The new iPad mini is also slightly thinner and lighter than last year's model, and Apple's also upgraded the rear camera. It's now an 8-megapixel shooter, which appears to be the same camera found on the iPad Air 2.

5. There's going to be an Hermès edition Apple Watch and the Watch Sports edition is getting two new colors 

Apple didn't announce a new Apple Watch, but it did announce some new color options. The aluminium Watch Sport editions will now be available in Gold and Rose Gold. These new colors are available immediately at the same prices as the other Sport editions, S$518 for the 38 mm version, and S$598 for the 42 mm version.

Apple is also teaming up with Hermès for an Apple Watch Hermès edition, with leather straps handmade by Hermès artisans in France and a unique Hermès watch face designed by Apple. There will be a few strap variations available: a Double Tour extra long strap that wraps around the wrist twice, a standard leather strap with buckle, and an extra thick (and manly) cuff type strap.

The Apple Watch Hermès edition will be available in October, and sold in Hermès’ stores across 14 countries. Prices will range from US$1,1000 for the standard strap to S$1,500 for the Cuff. Apple’s website says you’ll be able to get them in Singapore at the Hermès store in Takashimaya.

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