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Things to Do (or Avoid) on 14th February

By Seow Tein Hee - 11 Feb 2012

Things to Do (or Avoid) on 14th February

Essential Preparation for 14th February

As we move closer to the 14th of February, there's certainly a few things that needs to be done if you wish to survive Saint Valentine's Day. Here's our recommended things to do on the most romantic day of the year, and what you should avoid if you value your love life.

Top 10 Gifts for V-Day

February 14th. A date that could land you a date or have you searching for one. Here's HardwareZone's gift guide to all the amorous couples and forever alone singles out there to take on the challenges of Saint Valentine's Day.

Ten Apps to Create the Perfect V-Day Date

Single or attached - your status doesn't really matter when 14th of February comes along. In this special edition of App Attack, let us arm you with the essential apps to set up the perfect date on Saint Valentine's Day.



Five Gifts or Date Ideas to Avoid

Setting up the perfect date is not just about finding the right gift. At times, you'll have to steer clear of the wrong kind of gifts that will zap your love score to zero. If you're a tech-head, make sure you avoid the following gifts or date ideas at all cost.


Plastic Flowers (or Rings)


Giving a bouquet of plastic flowers will only say three things about you: cheap, unromantic and forever alone. While the prices of real roses will skyrocket during this period, you'll have to bite the bullet. And no, saying the eternity of a plastic flower represents your undying love just won't cut it.



Valentine's Day e-Card


Sending a Valentine's Day e-card is just telling your date one thing - you aren't keeping up with the times. If you do own a smartphone, take the extra step and search for an app or check out some of the recommended apps we've listed over here.



An MMORPG Account


Never, ever plan on giving this as a Valentine's Day gift. You'll be vying for his or her attention once they get hooked onto the world of Azeroth or find Jedi Knights in the Old Republic much more enticing than your plans for a romantic getaway on Valentine's Day.



Dinner @ Sim Lim Square


If you want this to be the last meal you'll ever have with your date, go right ahead and surprise her with a dinner date at Sim Lim Square. We guarantee you that she'll be gone in the blink of an eye while you queue for your quick dinner fix before heading up to splurge on memory and graphics cards to drown your sorrows.



Talking Weighing Scale


Well, it's pretty smart of you to give her a talking weighing scale. After all, it's not your voice that tells your woman how heavy she weighs at that point in time. But heed this: she will remember where the gift came from. And when she does, you might see the talking weighing scale grow wings and fly right into your face.


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