These Lego flowers are on sale now, just in time for Valentine’s Day

By Jia Min - 31 Jan 2024

These Lego flowers are on sale now, just in time for Valentine’s Day

First published 5 Feb 2023, and updated with a new deal 

Forget the traditional bouquet of roses as a Valentine’s Day gift. First, they’re expensive especially at this time, and second, they will wilt in a week. Instead, save your money and get something that will last. These Lego sets from the Botanical Collection don’t need water or sunlight, and won’t die if you forget to water them for a week.

What’s more, building the models together is a nice alternate date activity, especially on a rainy day. The best part? We found a few Lego sets on sale now on Amazon, so you can show your love and save some cash at the same time.

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Lego Orchid

In our opinion, this is the best Lego set from the Botanical Collection. Beautifully realistic even down to the roots, and will look fantastic as part of the room décor.

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Lego Bird of Paradise

No two plants will look the same! This elegant pot allows you to position the leaves and flowers to create your own unique display. 

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Lego Flower Bouquet

This big, beautiful bouquet actually looks good in a vase. Featuring a mix of flowers such as roses, snapdragons, poppies and daisies, you can customise the elements, and arrange the petals and leaves in any length you want.

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Lego Succulents

If flowers aren’t your thing, the Succulents set is just as fun as a colourful alternative. Consisting of nine individual plants, you can build and group them together in any arrangement you please.

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Lego Bonsai Tree

No trimming needed! For Zen vibes in your study, the Bonsai Tree set has interchangeable pieces that allow you to change the look of the tree between green leaves or cherry blossom flowers according to the season or your mood.

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