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Which telco offers the best SIM-only plan in Singapore? (2021 Version)

By Glenn Chua & Liu Hongzuo - 27 Nov 2021

Midrange Plans (S$26 to S$30)

Available plans are arranged from the lowest monthly price to the highest, first to last.

Midrange Plans (~$26-30/months) Part 1

  Circles.Life redONE Zero1
Plan Name Smart Start Amazing28 80u
Price S$28/month S$28/month S$29.90/month
Backbone Network M1 StarHub Singtel
Data 20GB 50GB to Unlimited (Throttled to 128kbps) 80GB
Talk Time 100 mins 800 mins 800 mins
SMS 25 800 800
Caller ID Free Free (until further notice) Free
Registration Fees  S$38 (outside of promotion period) S$30 (waived until further notice) S$32.10 (waived for a limited time)
SIM Delivery Fees S$2 to S$6 depending on time/date chosen Free (for Online Registrations) Unspecified (waived for a limited time unless otherwise stated)
(Monthly unless otherwise specified)


  • Unlimited data add-on (S$20)
  • Unlimited outgoing calls (S$8)
  • Unlimited incoming calls (S$2)
  • Roaming add-ons for selected countries (start at S$5). Full details here.

See add-on summary here

See add-on summary here
  • S$18 for existing number port in


Midrange Plans (~$26-30/months) Part 2

  MyRepublic CMLink VIVIFI
Plan Name Pro Plan 60GB Plan VIVIFI Share
Price S$30/month S$30/month S$31.90/month
Backbone Network StarHub & M1 Singtel Singtel
Data 70GB to Unlimited (Throttled to 384kbps) 60GB 120GB Pool (40GB after 12 months)
Talk Time 1,000 mins 400 mins 300 mins
SMS 1,000 400 100
Caller ID Free Free Free
Registration Fees Free Free Free
SIM Delivery Fees S$10.70 Free Free self-collection, or S$12 delivery fee
(Monthly unless otherwise specified)
See add-on summary here See add-on summary here
  • VIVIFI More - Data: Data add-ons starting from 6GB@S$10.
  • VIVIFI More - Talktime: Talk time add-ons starting from 200 mins@S$5.35
  • VIVIFI More - SMS: SMS add-ons starting from 25 SMSes@S$1.07
Notes See Notes summary here See Notes summary here
  • Data, talk time and SMS shared in a pool among plan users
  • $S31.90 for first SIM, S$5.35 to add SIM to pool
  • Pool supports up to 9 SIMs
  • Free roaming activation
  • Free incoming calls and SMS


Analysis of plans

Zero1's 80u Plan is certainly attractive. It's well-rounded in talk time, SMSes and has the second-highest amount of data in this price category. If you're eligible for the promotional price, it's also a great deal as well.

Otherwise, the other options in this bracket come relatively close in value. For example, 10¢ more can give you 200 mins and 200 SMSes more in MyRepublic's Pro Plan, along with a slightly reduced amount of high-speed data. Of course, there's the option of CMLink's travel-focused 60GB Plan as well.

VIVIFI's Share plan seems convoluted at first glance. What it incentivises is plan sharing, where a single SIM costs S$31.90/month, and each SIM afterwards cost S$5.35 to add - making it an ideal plan if you're splitting among other users. For example, assuming you're planning to split the cost evenly between each user, two SIMs can get 60GB, 300 mins and 50 SMSes each for S$18.63 per pax. Talk time and SMSes are a bit constricted in this case, but in terms of data, where S$15-25 plans mostly offer anywhere between 10-50GB, it's a competitive choice.

Where VIVIFI's plan shines is perhaps when you need to provision a dedicated phone number per person in the family, but they are mostly staying at home and thus require very little mobile data. So the more family members you add, the cheaper it gets to own a phone number per person. Keep in mind, though, that VIVIFI's Share plan data is only 120GB for the first 12 months. It goes down to 40GB afterwards (along with a price cut to S$29.90).

That said, the Giga! and TPG plans from the S$15-S$25 range on the previous page are comparable, if not better than most options offered here. It's worth exploring if you really need to pay S$5-S$10 more every month, brand biases and network preferences aside.


Our say

  • For a balanced, well-rounded plan ► Zero1's 80u Plan or MyRepublic's Pro Plan at S$30
  • For generous talk time and SMS  ► Take Giga!'s Top Pick plan (listed on the previous page) for 2,000 minutes and SMS at just S$25
  • For the most amount of mobile data ► Take MyRepublic's Core Plan (listed on the previous page) and add-on 50GB of mobile data for a grand total of 100GB all for S$29.90
  • A travel-focused plan to share data between SG, CN and HK ► CMLink's 60GB plan at S$30
  • For the lowest cost per phone line per person in a large family ► VIVIFI's Share plan at $31.90 
    (but beware of limited data, talk time and SMS unless you're buying add-ons)

Move on to the next page to see what more can the next tier of plans offer.

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