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Which telco offers the best SIM-only plan in Singapore? (2021 Version)

By Glenn Chua & Liu Hongzuo - 27 Nov 2021

High-end Plans (S$31 and above) and M1 Bespoke SIM Only

Available plans are arranged from the lowest monthly price to the highest, first to last.

High-end Plans (S$31 and higher)

  Changi Mobile redONE MyRepublic VIVIFI CMLink M1 Giga! (by StarHub)
Plan Flexi Ultra Amazing38 Unlimited Data plan Vivifi Share 100GB Plan Bespoke SIM-only Plan (40GB) 100GB Plan
Backbone Network M1 StarHub StarHub & M1 Singtel Singtel N/A StarHub
Data 100GB 80GB to Unlimited (Throttled to 128kbps) Unlimited (4GB per day before being throttled) 180GB Pool 100GB 40GB 100GB
Talk Time 800 mins 1,000 mins 1,000 mins 1,000 mins 500 mins Starts at 100 mins 10,000 mins
SMS 800 100 1,000 100 500 100 10,000
Caller ID Free Free (until further notice) Free Free Free S$5.35 (free for first 3 months) Free
Registration Fees Free S$30 (waived until further notice) Free Free Free Free Free
SIM Delivery Fees Free     Free (for Online Registrations) S$10.70 Free self-collection, or S$12 delivery fee Free Free S$2

Add-ons (Monthly otherwise specified)

See add-on summary here

See add-on summary here

See add-on summary here

  • VIVIFI More - Data: Data add-ons starting from 6GB@S$10.
  • VIVIFI More - Talktime: Talk time add-ons starting from 200 mins@S$5.35
  • VIVIFI More - SMS: SMS add-ons starting from 25 SMSes@S$1.07

See add-on summary here

See add-on summary here

See add-on summary here


See Notes summary here

  • Data, talk time and SMS shared in a pool among plan users
  • S$6 for each sub-line
  • Pool supports up to 9 additional sub-lines/SIMs
  • Free roaming activation
  • Free incoming calls and SMS

See Notes summary here

See Notes summary here
Price S$35/month S$38/month S$39/month S$40/month onwards S$40/month S$40.95/month S$45/month


Analysis of plans

At this price bracket, Giga!'s 100GB Plan is the most attractive option given its crazy amount of talk time and SMSes. However, if you don't need that much talktime and SMS, Changi Mobile's Flexi Ultra has an impressive amount of data, matching Giga!'s 100GB plan, for a whole S$10 less. As with their previous plans, however, that's only if you sign up before the end of the year. While at its usual price of S$45/month, it still competes with Giga!'s 100GB offering, it will no longer have data rollover.

And of course, there are other options to be had for less from plans shared on the prior pages.

If you're porting in from a competitor though, MyRepublic's Unlimited Data Plan may be more attractive for eligible users, but that's only if you can keep within the daily 4GB limit (for reference, Netflix uses 1GB per 20 minutes of streaming at the highest possible data-rate on mobile networks, with options to throttle quality in favour of saving data).

In short, here's what we recommend...

Our say

  • If you need an excessive amount of data ► Changi Mobile's Flexi Ultra plan at S$35 (before 31st Dec 2021)
  • If you need an excessive amount of talktime, SMS and data ► Giga!'s 100GB Plan at S$45
  • If 100GB of data is a priority over talk time and SMS  ►Take MyRepublic's Core Plan (listed on the Basic Plan page) and add-on 50GB of mobile data for a grand total of 100GB all for S$29.90
  • For a balanced, well-rounded plan► Take  Zero1's 80u Plan or MyRepublic's Pro Plan (listed on previous page) - both for S$30 or under that offer 80GB and 800mins or 70GB and 1000mins respectively.
  • A travel-focused plan to share data between SG, CN and HK ► CMLink's 100GB plan at S$40


A closer look at M1's customisable plan

Plan Bespoke SIM-only
Backbone Network N/A
Data 5, 12, 30, 40, 60, 90, Unlimited GB
(price increases as data bundle increases)
Talk Time 100, 300, unlimited minutes  
(price increases as minutes increases)
SMS 100 fixed


  • Caller ID Display (S$5.35, free first 3 months)
  • Unlimited weekend data (S$10, free first 12 months)
  • $10 Talktime and SMS pack (S$10, free first 12 months)
  • 5Go Plus, additional 25GB for customers with 5G phones and SIM cards (S$15)
  • Cyber Guardian web filters (S$2.70)
  • Roaming subscription (S$10 + S$20 registration)

Delivery only for SIM card

Price S$15.95 to S$145.95 per month (see table below)

Not wanting to leave out an odd, yet major SIM-only offering, we have the rest of M1's Bespoke SIM-only Plans here. We've included examples of its CYO (customize your own) plan against other competitors in our Basic Plans and High-end Plans comparison earlier. Here's a breakdown of its SIM-only prices if you're really keen (the prices are different from its Bespoke contract plans).

Cost-per-month summary for M1 Bespoke SIM-only plans
Bill (per month) for...  and 100 minutes and 300 minutes and Unlimited talk time
5GB S$15.95 S$23.95 S$55.95
12GB S$20.95 S$28.95 S$60.95


(S$19.95 and 40GB for first 12 months)


(S$27.95 and 40GB for first 12 months)


(S$59.95 and 40GB for first 12 months)



(S$30.95 and 60GB for first 12 months)


(S$48.95 and 60GB for first 12 months)


(S$70.95 and 60GB for first 12 months)

60GB S$55.95 S$63.95 S$95.95
90GB S$70.95 S$78.95 S$110.95
Unlimited data S$105.95 S$113.95 S$145.95

Note: M1 automatically adds

  • Caller Number Display (S$5.35 per month, free for first 3 months for new signups only)
  • Unlimited Weekend Data (S$6 per month, free for first 12 months)
  • S$10 Talktime & SMS Pack (S$10 per month, free for first 12 months).

The additional monthly fees will kick in when their free months expire, and these additional charges are not reflected in the table above.

Despite its interesting combination-styled structure, M1's resulting SIM-only plans don't really stack up well against alternatives from other vendors, even if you're a new user.

For example, MyRepublic has a S$39/month plan for new users with unlimited data (4GB per day) and 1,000 minutes and SMSes. Why would anyone choose M1's S$113.95/month's plan for nearly the same data bundle and fewer minutes instead would be beyond us. Even with MyRepublic's data add-ons, it's an increment of mere dollars next to a monthly S$100++ bill from M1. 

A fringe use case for these plans would go through M1's unique unlimited talk time offer, which can be appealing if your work or personal life revolves around phone correspondence 99% of your time. But there are much more practical plans for most other users, even from M1 themselves.

For example, see above Giga!'s 100GB Plan with 10,000 minutes talk time and 100GB data, for just S$45/month. For reference, reaching 10,000 minutes of talk time works out to non-stop, round-the-clock yakking for nearly seven consecutive nights and days, with zero breaks for food, water, sleep, or toilet trips.

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