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A Taste of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

By Seow Tein Hee - 28 Sep 2011

Enhanced Communications

Adding Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to People Hub

One of the key features of the Mango update is the strong social network integration into the OS. Facebook was the first social network to be fully integrated into the People hub, allowing Windows Phone 7 users to read and reply to their Facebook updates within a single hub. Twitter and LinkedIn have also joined in with Windows Phone 7.5, and all it takes is a few simple steps to associate your People hub with these social networks.

Go to Settings  > Emails + Accounts > Add an Account to add your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

When your Windows Phone has gobbled the Mango update, do remember to link your social networks to the People hub.

Improved People Hub

The People hub comes with a few major changes. With that many social networks to juggle within the hub, you are also given the option to be flooded with updates, or filter to just one social network at a time. Your profile, which is a subset of the People hub, comes with a few upgrades too. You can choose to post a message across all your social networks, or selectively blast your latest update to just a few accounts. Facebook users will also be able to check-in to Places with the Check-in option located just below. And if you need to be contactable via Windows Live Messenger, you can set your status right here.

Go to People hub and click on What's New to choose either one or all accounts to view in your feeds.

To post a message across your social networks, click on Me.

Check-in to Facebook Places and set your Windows Live Messenger chat status within your profile.

The People hub now lets you read through more social network feeds.

Post your messages, check-in and get notified under your Profile.

Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Integration with Messaging Hub

The Messaging hub is now more than just a simple text messenger. With both Facebook and Windows Live Messenger fully integrated into the Messaging hub, you can now conduct your conversations with a single contact preloaded with a mobile number, Facebook and Windows Live account under a single thread. However, if you wish to simply use it as a text messenger, here's what you'll need to do to toggle the two instant messaging features off.

To toggle Windows Live Messenger, go to Messaging > click on the bottom right > select Status > select Offline.

To toggle Facebook Chat, go to Messaging > click on the bottom right > Settings > toggle Facebook Chat.

Facebook and Windows Live Messaging, now fully integrated into the Messaging hub.

Linked Inboxes

Similar to your Gmail account, emails on Windows Phone 7.5 are consolidated into a single thread based on the subject. But did you know that you can now link multiple inboxes into a single hub? This allows you to view both your personal and work email accounts under one single view. Though here's a word of caution: try to reply to the right person, and not send romantic notes meant for your significant half to your boss.

Go to Email > click on the bottom right > select Linked Inboxes and select the email accounts to be linked or unlinked.

You can link and consolidate email inboxes into one to make your messaging experience even more streamlined.

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