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Straight from Apple's WWDC - the iPhone 4!

By Aloysius Low - 8 Jun 2010

The Keynote at Apple's WWDC!

This article was also contributed by Wilfred Phua.

WWDC and the Launch of the iPhone 4

It's been a chilly morning over at Moscone Center, as we've been queuing here since 3.30am to be one of the firsts to enter the building for the Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). We've got the gear, and the equipment ready, so it's time to get rocking. Now, you may have already seen leaked pictures of the latest iPhone, but nothing beats an official launch to make it, well, official. But first, here's a look around the the Moscone Center and the insides that will make you wish you were there.

The line around the Moscone Center building started as early as 8.30pm the night before!

The calm before the storm. The registration lines at the Moscone West center were empty right before the hordes descended.

That's a heck load of apps.

No Apple event is complete without a shot of Steve Jobs, so, here's....Steve!

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