Still On Sale: Top deals under $100 readers bought this March

By Sofianna Ng - 24 Mar 2023

Still On Sale: Top deals under $100 readers bought this March

The end of Q1 is round the corner and with Budget 2023 still being top of mind for many, getting a good deal is more important than ever when it comes to your gadgets. Check out this month's list of some of the most popular deals HardwareZone readers have bought that are still on sale, all for under $100.




Yogasleep Soundcenter

The Yogasleep Soundcenter produces high-quality white noise to promote better sleep, concentration, and relaxation. It offers 6 different sound options, customisable volume and timer settings, and is chargeable by USB.

Buy it now for S$27.76 (U.P. S$32.96)


Amazon Echo Dot


If you've been looking for an affordable smart speaker, then you should check out the Echo Dot. Currently on sale for over 50% off, it's designed with additional features such smart home control, productivity tools and entertainment.

Buy it now for S$33.62 (U.P. S$81.26)


3-in-1 Foldable Wireless Charger

This 3-in-1 foldable wireless charger allows you to charge your phone, iWatch, and AirPods all at once, saving you time and space. Its foldable design makes it easy to pack and take with you on the go, making it great for travel. Also compatible with Android devices.

Buy it now for S$37.99 (U.P. S$56.88)


Renpho Bluetooth Smart Scale


If you've been seeing this Renpho scale around, it's for good reason. A great tool to help keep track of your health and fitness progress, this Bluetooth-enabled smart scale not only measures your weight but also your BMI, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, and more.

Syncs seamlessly with the Renpho app, which provides detailed insights into your health metrics over time.

Buy it now for S$27.99 (U.P. S$45.99)


iBYWM Accupressure Neck Stretcher

Being hunched over the desk is something many of us are guilty off, leading to neck and shoulder aches. This neck stretcher is not only good for alleviating neck and shoulder pain, but it also helps to correct spinal alignment, while reducing stress and tension in the back muscles.

Regular use can also help improve your overall sleep quality and posture.

Buy it now for S$31.20 (U.P. S$36.15)


SanDisk 512GB Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The SanDisk 512GB Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive is a reliable and efficient storage solution for your digital data. With fast data transfer speeds up to 100MB/s, it allows you to transfer files quickly and easily. Its compact design makes it easy to carry around, while the 512GB storage capacity gives you plenty of space to store your documents, photos, and videos.

Buy it now for S$58.46 (U.P. S$85.70)


Logitech MK545 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

This keyboard and mouse combo is also a popular buy. The keyboard features comfortable and quiet keys, while the precise and responsive mouse ensures smooth and accurate cursor control. Advanced wireless connectivity, ensures a stable and consistent connection of up to 10 meters away, with long-lasting battery-life.

Buy it now for S$61.27 (U.P. S$89)


OLLY Extra Strength Sleep Gummy, 60 count

OLLY Extra Strength Sleep Gummy is a chewable that helps you sleep better. With its powerful blend of Melatonin, L-Theanine, and botanicals like chamomile and passionflower, it can help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. Comes in a delicious blackberry flavour.

Buy it now for S$19.87 (U.P. S$26.24)


Terrosol 3D Star Wars Lamp

Another fan favourite this March, especially among Star Wars fans, is this Terrasol 3D Star Wars Lamp. It's easy to assemble and offers multiple lighting colour options. 

Buy it now for S$33.53 (U.P. S$35.42)

Editor's note and disclaimer: The deals are not an endorsement or recommendation of the product from the editorial team. Instead, the listed items present themselves as a good deal based on novelty factor and how much of a discount it was offered from standard retail pricing at the time of publishing. Please note that we are not responsible in any way if you are unable to secure the listed offers due to errors on our part or should the offers expire by the time you check them.

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