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The Sights, Booths and Show Girls of CES 2014

By Vijay Anand - 10 Jan 2014


Sights @ CES

Behold the Autographer - the world's first wearable camera. It has a custom 136-degree eye view lens, an ultra compact GPS unit and 5 built-in sensors. Using a secret algorithm along with input from its sensors,  it tells the camera exactly the right moments to take photos to give you unique candid memories. 

Kingston was showing off a prototype PCIe x4 based SSD card. With Kingston also hopping into this territory, it sort of signals the industry that PCIe based SSD storage will soon become commonplace among enthusiasts and perhaps the first  real industry-wide use of those PCIe expansion slots sitting on your motherboard. Prior to this, they've been rather optional in usage and necessity.

Someone's attempting to jump-start the 80s all over again with The Brick mobile phone.

At GoPro's booth, we spotted this sporty car's exterior outfitted with numerous GoPro cameras at strategic points to capture all the action at every possible angle. Talk about taking things to an extreme level!


LG's 77-inch Flexible UHD OLED TV.

The Wakawaka is a portable solar powered battery charger that also has a built-in solar torch!

New bluetooth speakers from Soundfreaq.

This figurine was made with a Makerbot 3D Printer and then painted!

Audi was showing off its laser headlight technology in the form of this Sport Quattro Laserlight concept car. Apparently, it uses LEDs for the low beams and laser diodes for high beams, which Audi says can illuminate the road with three times the brightness of LEDs. This helps illuminate the roads ahead to far greater distances than before.

Meet the car of the future - the Toyota FCV Concept car is a hydrogen fuel cell car whose byproduct emission is water vapor.

Did someone request for the Tron Light Cycle? This is Toyota's FV2, a concept car/bike with a fully computerized driving system and no steering wheel. The future is coming sooner than you thought.

And here's the future car that everyone aspires to be, complete with Mr.Fusion.

Back inside the hall, we spotted this dissected KIA car showcasing the different smart features integrated within and outside the car.

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