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Selecting the Right Tablet

By Seow Tein Hee - 26 Mar 2012

Selecting the Right Tablet

Piecing the Tablet Puzzle

Tablets have returned with a vengeance, ever since Apple introduced its first iPad to the world in 2010. Over the months, the iPad wasn't the only tablet available on the scene. By 2011, Google stepped up its tablet presence with its tablet-optimized Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS. In doing so, manufacturers have started flocking to the new tablet OS, and with it, a flood of Android tablets were introduced onto the street.

Android tablets aren't the only contenders in the tablet race. Research in Motion joined the race with its first tablet, dubbed as the BlackBerry PlayBook. And who can forget the HP TouchPad fiasco, with the company discontinuing the development of its webOS products?

Nonetheless, the tablet scene is still dominated by Apple, Google and its band of hardware partners. The wide variety of tablets will grow even more as we continue on with 2012. As a consumer, the decision is yours to choose a tablet that matches your needs. With so many tablets and a vast variety of features to choose from, it can be a tough call to find a suitable tablet. To simplify the selection process, here's a primer on the points you need to consider when you choose a tablet, be it the hardware, software and the user experience on the different tablets in the market.

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