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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Galaxy S6: who takes better photos?

By Liu Hongzuo - 19 Mar 2016

Shophouses at night: Galaxy S6 vs. Galaxy S7 & Conclusion - page 13

Shophouses at night

Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S7.

With nothing but bright signboards illuminating the night sky, both phones still managed to get the column details to the left of its focal point (the fish). Then again, this is a test of the Galaxy S7's and S6's capabilities - the brighter signboards on the right were too much for the phones to handle.


It seems like the Samsung Galaxy S7 generally has better low-light performance, and it manages to bring out the colors in most situations. That's not to say that the Galaxy S6 is now obsolete, given how it fared well in brightly-lit night shots. Do you think it's worth making the switch from S6 to S7 because of its camera? Tell us on Facebook or in the comments below!

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