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Hands-on: Samsung made these changes to the Galaxy Fold to improve its durability

By Aaron Yip - 10 Sep 2019

Hands-on: Samsung made these changes to the Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be available in Singapore on 18 September.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be available from 18 September, and the company has made some key improvements to its first foldable phone for its full public launch.

If you recall that back in April of this year, some tech journalists publicized a handful of glaring hardware flaws with the Galaxy Fold and soon after, Samsung decided that the phone was rushed to the market before it was ready and wisely delayed the release.

Samsung went back to the drawing board and came back with a fixed version that’s noticeably sturdier – with improvements made to the hinge mechanism – at IFA in Berlin. I had the chance to try the Galaxy Fold in a hands-on session and here are all the changes that Samsung has included in the new phone:

One of the biggest changes here is that Samsung has extended the screen’s thin protective film to under the bezels of the phone. Previously, this screen protector was terribly easy to peel off and unbeknownst to press members who had the Galaxy Fold 1.0, was also an integral part of the phone’s design.

Despite warnings within the box that asked you not to take off the screen protector, some tech journalists who had the device did exactly that and damaged their handset in the process. With the film under the bezel now, it’s much harder if not impossible, to accidentally peel it off now.

Most of the improvements are related to improving the phone’s durability and for a device that bends all the time, Samsung had to make the Galaxy Fold as durable as possible.

There are now caps at the top and bottom of the hinge.

The gap between the dual displays have also been noticeably reduced.

There are now caps on the top and bottom of the hinge, and the gaps where the hinge meet the display have also been trimmed down. Even the gap when the device is closed has been shrunk slightly. All of these meant that it’s less likely for dust and debris to get caught up in the most critical part of the phone that’s being bent multiple times a day.

Another less noticeable improvement made is the addition of metal elements beneath the screen, that gives the Galaxy Fold a sturdier feel. This gives the phone more rigidity when locked in its opened (or phablet) form, and also a sturdier feel when held in your hands.

Foldable phones will change the way we consume content, and the way we play games on it.

It’s heartening to know that Samsung admitted that their original launch was premature, and then pushed it back to improve on it and make foldable phones a reality. I’m personally excited by foldable and dual-screen phones, and we’ll share our verdict of the phone as soon as we get our hands on one for review.

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