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Quick hands-on with Borderlands 3: Of guns and making mayhem

By Kenneth Ang - 15 Aug 2019

Of guns and making mayhem – a quick hands-on with Borderlands 3

By now, it should be no secret that Borderlands 3 is one of 2019’s most hotly-awaited titles. Sporting a fresh cast of Vault Hunters, enemies and “over a bazillion guns”, 13th September will be the day our seven years of patience comes to an end.

On Wednesday, HWZ attended an exclusive media preview for BL3 at Take-Two’s Singapore office. As expected, it had everything a Borderlands fan could ask for - developer interviews, freebies, demo sessions and even our very own Psycho mask!

Kicking off with a welcome presentation by Take-Two Asia’s Senior Marketing Manager Daniel Tan, members of the media were given a quick refresher course on the franchise, its story, characters and what-have-you.

After that, the media were granted an audience with BL3’s Creative Director Paul Sage, spending nearly an hour digging up various tidbits about the game and its inspirations. Speaking of which, we’ll have a roundup of that soon – so stay tuned!

The event ended off as most gaming previews do; with an exclusive, two-part demo session for BL3! The first segment was largely uneventful, and had us piloting FL4K the Beastmaster through the tutorial up till the first story boss. Long story short, the guy wasn’t trash-talking us anymore when the dust settled.

The second segment was where things got really hairy. Here, we were given the option of choosing a Vault Hunter, so I decided to roll with the short and stocky Gunner, Moze. But in the interest of my pride as a gamer, here's a cool picture of FL4K instead. Heh.

Jokes aside; we won’t be including story spoilers here. So, let’s just say gameplay is much more challenging than what we’re used to.

On a side note, what really struck me was the sheer variety the game offers, and I’m not referring to the loot this time. I’m talking skills!

Each of the four playable Vault Hunters in BL3 has three unique Action skills to choose from, as compared to only one in previous titles. This makes gameplay amazingly diverse, and presents so many possibilities that it can really leave you at a loss for words.

Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end, and my dullest moment was having to put my controller down. I really wish I can divulge more of what I experienced, but these will count as spoilers (according to our PR minder at 2K Games). In any case, the question that’s stuck in my head now isn’t about whether I should buy Borderlands 3, but rather which version to get!

In the meantime, stay tune for our interview with the game's Creative Director, Paul Sage.

Images: 2K Games/Gearbox Software

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