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Preview: The ASUS ROG GT51 is a hulking beast of a desktop

By Koh Wanzi - 17 May 2016

Software and customization options


The bundled Aegis II software provides a host of system monitoring, customization, performance boosting options. The interface is divided into separate panels that control different things. For instance, the Lighting panel lets you customize the colors and lighting effects of the four different lighting zones on the chassis. You can select things like the speed of the pulse effect, the range of colors that it “pulses” through, or even opt for a single, solid color if you so wish.


Then there’s the ability to monitor key system parameters, like CPU and RAM usage and voltages. On top of that, ASUS has implemented something called Boost Launcher, which supposedly frees up CPU and memory resources before you launch a game. In theory, this looks like it might save you the trouble of having to manually hunt down individual programs to shut them down.

The system also comes with ROG GameFirst III installed, a nifty network management software that lets you control incoming and outgoing traffic. The most obvious application of this is to give your game priority in order to minimize latency, but you can also put downloads ahead in order to reduce the time to completion.


Finally, the Audio Wizard software provides you with five different modes for various gaming scenarios, with things like War Room, Battlefield, Action, Multimedia, and Soundscape. The names themselves aren’t very informative, so here’s a quick rundown on what each does:

  • War Room (RPGs): Enhances high frequencies; best suited to bring out in-game soundtracks
  • Battlefield (shooters): Improves dialog clarity
  • Action (action/adventure): Boosts the bass frequencies for things like explosions
  • Multimedia (movies and videos): Enhances overall sound clarity
  • Soundscape (sports and racing): Narrows the sound stage for a more intimate, realistic experience


ASUS ROG Audio Wizard 

ASUS ROG Audio Wizard



Both SLI configurations of the ROG GT51 are available for pre-order from 18 May to 30 June. The pre-order window for the model with the single GeForce GTX 980 is shorter, ranging from 18 to 29 May.

CEE Show offer

The Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CEE) 2016 is happening next week from 26 to 29 May. Organized by Exhibits Inc. Pte Ltd (the same folks who brought you IT Show, Comex, Food and Beverage Fair, and World Food Fair), CEE 2016 will once again be taking place at Suntec Singapore, Halls 401 - 403, from 12 - 9pm on each of the four days. Admission is free, as always. You can read up more on the star buys over here, but here's what's specific to the ROG GT51 during the CEE 2016 show:-

  • GT51CA-SG001T (Dual GTX Titan X in SLI) @ S$7,498 - Receive a free ROG Swift 4K Gaming Monitor (worth $1,498)!
  • GT51CA-SG008T (Dual GTX 980 in SLI) @ S$4,298 - Enjoy 50% off the ROG Swift 4K Gaming Monitor (usual SRP: $1,498)!
  • GT51CA-SG002T (Single GTX 980 card) @ S$3,498 - Receive a free limited edition ROG Hoodie worth S$119!


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