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In Pictures: 9 artistic Xbox consoles for the Year of the Monkey

By Liu Hongzuo - 10 Feb 2016

In Pictures: 9 artistic Xbox consoles for the Year of the Monkey

The local division of Xbox representatives released a photo series on Facebook, showing a couple of Xbox One consoles in festive spangle. These contributions are collectively submitted by artists from Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, all done in the spirit of festivity. The hand-picked artists were given only a month to conceptualize, design,and fabricate the modded consoles. Some of them looked really interesting, and the others – not so much. Nonetheless, they're very well-made - check the detail on some of the Xbox One controllers.

Here are the eight consoles for your viewing pleasure. While they aren't for sale, you can actually win one from Xbox Singapore here.

Candy-Box One by Ar To

Big Fortune by Zoie Lam

What The Luck by Jan Curious

The Monkey Mountain by Graphic Airlines

Good Fortune Monkey by Tzu-Yu Chao and Chang-Yi Ho

The Golden Sand by Song-Kuan Wang

Monkey Ear, Monkey Year by Kevin Chou

Monkey Shrine by Oak & Bindi

The Forbidden X by Cay Kou. This one was also from the same batch, but it has no monkey elements and it is not seen on Xbox Singapore's Facebook page.

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