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Philips' Sound Obsession - New AV Devices Engineered for Perfection

By Andy Sim - 21 May 2010

Eye On Sound

Eye On Sound

Goedemorgen, dear readers. That's how you say 'good morning' in Dutch by the way. We are currently in Leuven; a Belgian city located just a stone throw away from the gothic city of Brussels. You might know Belgium as a charming country famed for its delectable chocolates, scrumptious waffles, ravishing ladies and more prominently, their home-grown beer. Truth is, we are actually in Leuven to understand the inner workings of Philips' Advanced Technology Labs, where a significant percentage of their research work in the audio field is actively pursued and formulated. Although photography isn't allowed in their secretive laboratories, we hereby promise to bring you some sneak peeks you may savor with the pages ahead.

Philips Consumer Lifestyle has many research facilities scattered across the globe, but here in Leuven, their Advance Technology Lab is where the Dutch company makes progress in research and development in new acoustical technologies for their breed of audio products.

In line with their "Obsessed with Sound" campaign, here's a sneak preview of incoming Philips audio systems soon to be launched in Asia Pacific. As the image suggests, Philips is intent on bringing you an authentic sound experience with the introduction of these six hero products.

Understandably, Philips has poured over 1.6 billion Euros into their R&D effort to perfect their craft. The Dutch company's business rationale is simple - to develop meaningful innovations and beneficial products for the average consumer to savor. As it stands, Philips is hoping to acquire market share in three prominent industries; Healthcare, Lighting and Consumer Lifestyle products which includes AV peripherals as well. However, our tour's agenda was unmistakably clear. It's all about sound. Philips sprung a new campaign recently, aptly themed as "Obsessed with Sound" in Europe and Asia Pacific to echo the company's passion in delivering home theater systems and mobile media players with faithful sonic fidelity. Similarly, you can anticipate a slew of upcoming AV players and systems to augment their new sonic initiatives. These six new toys will compete on the premium scale, thus going against the likes of prominent names in the industry such as B&W and BOSE. Of course, you can be assured they won't be easy on your wallet this time. More on these beauties soon, but first, some insights into Philips' acoustic operations.

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