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NVIDIA's smart city vision: AI police cars, AI trucks, AI robots and more

By Vijay Anand - 10 May 2017

AI Trucks

Just a few years ago, deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) were still the stuff of dreams. Today, the increased processing capability at edge devices and the cloud, combined with high speed connectivity are enabling distributed computing, machine learning and deep learning that all come together to deliver some aspects of AI. AT NVIDIA's GTC 2017, this is exactly what the company wants you to take away: the AI city is coming and is enabled by NVIDIA's building blocks and from its partners. We roundup some of the show floor highlights that best exhibit NVIDIA's involvement in the AI city future.


AI Trucks

What’s a truck doing at a graphics technology conference? That’s because NVIDIA is developing autonomous trucks with trucking giant Paccar to make them safer, smarter and efficient with the help NVIDIA’s edge processing that’s powered by deep learning.

Paccar manufactures other lines of trucks such as Peterbilt, DAF, Kenworth and others will all one day benefit from autonomous driving up to Level 4 capabilities, which means the system would be able to handle routine driving operations without intervention of a driver.

The brain of this truck is powered by NVIDIA Drive PX 2, a compact in-vehicle supercomputer built for autonomous driving. The 8 teraflops of compute power it packs can deliver up to 24 trillion deep learning operations a second while processing inputs from up to 12 video cameras and a range of lidar, radar and ultrasonic sensors. What does this all translate to in real life usage? The Drive PX 2 can enable lane keeping functionality, object detection and free space calculation to manage adaptive cruise control or slow down to avoid collision.

The brain of an AI truck:- NVIDIA Drive PX 2.

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