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Here are the new TV shows and films you should absolutely binge in May 2020

By Tim Augustin - 8 May 2020

Animated sci-fi and big budget dramas!

Image: Netflix

I honestly wasn’t expecting to make another one of these while still having to mention lockdowns and quarantines, but here we are! Most of us are (hopefully) staying home due to the ongoing pandemic, and life at home can be quite boring without TV. Fortunately, streaming services and TV channels alike have stuffed this month full of new TV series and movie premieres, with Netflix leading the pack by quite a wide margin.

Let’s dig in!


Hollywood (May 1) - Netflix

Netflix’s new dramedy follows actors and filmmakers alike, trying to get their big break in post-World War II Hollywood. The show also attempts to dissect Hollywood’s sordid history - and what might have happened if things went very differently in the movie industry a long time ago. Ryan Murphy’s shows tend to be dazzling without much substance, and this doesn’t look too different. However, the show boasts an excellent cast, with the likes of Darren Criss, Laura Harrier, Patti LuPone, Jim Parsons and Samara Weaving starring. 


Upload (May 1) - Amazon Prime

Greg Daniels, creator of The Office (U.S.) is having a really good month. Two of his new comedies premiere in May, and one of them is Upload - a comedy set in a futuristic society, where humans can upload themselves into their preferred versions of the afterlife before death. Think of it as one long episode of Black Mirror - but not as hopelessly depressing (though it gets pretty close sometimes!). 


Solar Opposites (May 8) - Hulu

You would be forgiven for watching that trailer and wondering if this was just another episode of Rick and Morty. Solar Opposites comes from one of its co-creators, Justin Roiland - who also voices characters in both series. The show is a sci-fi comedy that centres on a family of alien refugees who have fled to America. Wacky hijinks ensue - hopefully with the sharp, funny writing Rick and Morty is known for. 


I Know This Much Is True (May 11) - HBO

HBO’s latest drama comes from the director of The Place Beyond The Pines - and that alone makes it worth a look. This dark miniseries follows the Birdsey twins - both of whom are played by Mark Ruffalo. Thomas Birdsey suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, and Dominick constantly struggles with taking care of his brother and making sure no harm comes to him - or others near him. Ruffalo does an absolutely tremendous job as the Birdseys, and you can read our review here to find out why. 

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