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MSI Takes Devil's Canyon to 6.4GHz, Then Serves Orange Sorbet

By Zachary Chan & Vijay Anand - 3 Jun 2014

The MSI OC Show

The MSI OC Show

Earlier this month, we reported about MSI's newest range of Intel 9 Series motheboards. Among them, the flagship overclocking board is the MSI Z97 MPower Max AC. To recap, this board is designed with additional PCB layers to optimize and isolated power traces for better overclocking stability. It also features a digital PWM plus onboard thermal and CPU socket design optimizations. Catered for professional overclockers, the board not only offers extreme stability with Military Class 4 components, but also flexibility to install extreme cooling solutions such as LN2 rigs that are required for extreme overclcocking.

With the launch of Intel's newest K-class processor, the Core i7-4790K, codenamed Devil's Canyon, MSI took the opportunity to showcase the prowess of the Z97 MPower Max AC board. Top overclockers Lucky_n00b and Coldest from Indonesia were at Computex 2014 for an overclocking exhibition at MSI's booth. At the session, they managed to take Devil's Canyon from its stock 4.0GHz to a whopping 6.4GHz using MSI's Command Center Lite software.

Lukcy_n00b is actually none other than Alva Jonathan who came in tops in the semi-finals segment of the HardwareZone Iron Tech competition back in 2008, and went on to clinch the second spot in our grand finals of the HardwareZone Iron Tech competition, which was one of the toughest hardware enthusiast competitions to have taken place in the PC industry. Since then, he has partaken in many other high profile competitions like MSI's own MOA series of overclocking events and as such, it comes as no surprise that Lukcy-n00b was more than equipped to set new records like we witnessed today:-

Lucky_n00b and Coldest playing with LN2 before the show. Don't Try This At Home Kids!

Time to get serious. The overclocking of the Devil's Canyon begins.

Max overclock 6.4GHz.

Standard MSI Command Center Lite software was used to overclock. You could do it to...if you had some LN2 handy in the shed.

This is what happened at 6.5GHz. :(

But it's ok, we got to have LN2-frozen orange sorbet in the end, handmade by the lovely MSI overclocking girl.


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