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The most anticipated games of 2020: Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy 7 and more!

By Tim Augustin - 10 Jan 2020

Avengers, The Last of Us, Dying Light and more!

Marvel’s Avengers - May 15 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

The story of Square Enix's Avengers begins on A-Day, which sees a devastating event that kills one of the Avengers and destroys an entire city. The Avengers are blamed for the tragedy and disband. Five years later however, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) brings them back together after uncovering a shocking conspiracy centred around A.I.M. - an organisation controlling San Francisco. You can play as multiple Marvel characters in both online and offline missions. If the wait for the next Avengers movie is getting unbearable, pick this up!


The Last of Us 2 - May 29 (PlayStation 4)

We have finally arrived at my personal favourite of this list. The Last of Us 2 is a sequel to Naughty Dog’s groundbreaking post-apocalypse game released back in 2013 - so fans have been waiting a while, to say the least. The game is set five years after the events of The Last of Us, and you’ll play as a 19-year-old Ellie who comes into conflict with a mysterious cult. We know very little about the story otherwise, but we do know that Joel will be back in some capacity - and something will happen to make Ellie very, very angry. You connect the dots


Ghostrunner - August 6, 2020 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Ghostrunner is a fast-paced cyberpunk game where you play as a ninja murdering his way through the neon-lit landscape of a futuristic city. The game looks absolutely gorgeous, and the gameplay looks challenging - but buttery smooth at the same time. What's not to love about this title?


Destroy All Humans! - Early 2020 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

If you aren’t familiar with the PlayStation 2/Xbox game, this is a remake of of the original game. Destroy All Humans! is essentially GTA with aliens. That’s the single best way I can describe it. The game is set in 1959 in the United States, and pokes jokes at the time period repeatedly. You control Cryptosporidium 137 - an alien member of the Furon race, who has come to Earth to harvest human DNA. This will actually be the first entry in the Destroy All Humans! series since 2008, so here’s hoping it revives the classic series. 


Dying Light 2 - Spring 2020 (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Techland’s Dying Light 2 takes everything that made the first game great, and ramps it all up with a much, much bigger focus on its story. The first-person zombie horror element is still there, but now you’ll also have to deal with story choices that can massively change what happens to your game world. Dying Light 2's gameplay demo highlighted the fact that one simple choice could drastically change the narrative, and reveal entirely new sections of the open world that you might never find otherwise. 


Ghost of Tsushima - Summer 2020 (PlayStation 4)

This is one of PlayStation’s big 2020 exclusives, developed by Sucker Punch Productions. The developers of Infamous are behind this beautiful-looking game set in medieval Japan during the first Mongol invasion. If you’re a stickler for authenticity, the game also has an option for Japanese voice acting! Man, this game looks gorgeous


Halo Infinite - Holidays 2020 (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X)

Besides Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, this is the only other title announced for next-generation Xbox consoles. Halo Infinite is a sequel to Halo 5, with a heavier focus on Master Chief. Cortana will also return somehow - though I doubt many fans are too excited about that. Halo is still a legendary first-person shooter series however, and I have to hope that this is the game to bring glory back to the series after a couple of disappointing installments. 

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