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More doors, more washing and more styling with 3 new home appliances from LG

By Alvin Soon - 4 Feb 2015

More doors, more washing and more styling with 3 new home appliances from LG

Yes. We're going to have a conversation about home appliances.

Is it a sign of growing older if your interest in tech shifts from things like mobile phones to vacuum cleaners and refrigerators? Just like last year, I’m standing here at LG InnoFest, where LG is showcasing its home appliances line-up for 2015 and asking myself the same question, so I suppose I’m not getting any younger. Hey, don’t judge me if I want a snazzier fridge.

The double door fridge

The new 4 door LG fridge with double door-in-doors.

The first thing that catches my eye here is the new double door-in-door refrigerator. Now, LG first introduced the door-in-door fridge in 2010, and the idea behind it makes sense.

According to LG, the average household opens the fridge about 79 times a day (that’s a pretty hungry household?), and every time that happens cold air is lost, which means the fridge has to pump out extra power to re-cool the insides. A lot of times, people open a fridge not for taking major ingredients out, but to reach in quickly for small snacks and cold drinks.

So the door-in-door concept helps; by dividing the interior into inner and outer doors, you can simply open the first door, get your snacks and drinks (or sauces and whatnot), without disturbing the inner door. LG says this reduces cold air loss by up to 47%.

But how do you make the original door-in-door even better? Well, it seems that LG’s answer is — more doors! LG’s new model has four doors, with two independent door-in-door compartments, so you can store even more food in one fridge, while saving more power.

Two washing machines in one

What's better than one washing machine? Two washing machines. In one!

So that’s fridges, but how do you make a washing machine better? Well, LG’s answer is — more washing machines! But instead of getting two machines, here’s two washing machines in one.

Dubbed the Twin Wash System, it lets you wash two separate loads at the same time with a main washer on top and a mini washer on the bottom. But why?

LG says the mini washer is meant for delicate items like active wear or lingerie. Or maybe stuff you really don’t want to mix in the main wash. I suppose that makes sense if you’ve ever put clothes together in the wash with different degrees of stink factor (like I’m not sure if my wife ever appreciates that I wash my gym clothes in with everything else).

Styling with the Styler


What’s a Styler? I had no idea something like this could exist until I saw it (apparently this is the second-generation Styler so I’ve been missing out). The Styler is designed to refresh clothes without detergents, so you can clean clothes like suits, coats and sweaters (as well as soft toys) at home without having to bring them to the dry cleaner’s.

It helps to remove odours, wrinkles, and does it while keeping clothing from shrinking. TrueSteam, LG’s hot steam spray technology, helps to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, so you’re getting pretty clean while stylin'. A Pants Press feature located on the inside of the doors removes creases while maintaing clean-looking pleats. I can't see you getting one unless you're a high roller but I suppose if you have a few thousand-dollar suits or dresses it's a way to clean them while staying fresh.

Style here for wrinkle-free pants.

The LG Styler is the size of a cabinet. Not too bad when you consider it's a full dry cleaning machine.

Very fresh touch controls.

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