Microsoft Wedge Mobile vs. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover - Clash of the Tablet Keyboards

By Wong Casandra - 28 Aug 2012

Overview & Design

The Clash of the Tablet Keyboards

With tablets gaining more traction as productivity tools in the recent years, users are finding ways to emulate the notebook experience on it. While tablets are highly mobile and portable, they aren't made for quick and fuss-free typing, well, due to the lack of a physical keyboard. Quick solution? Tablet accessory manufacturers have clamored to fill the void, especially for popular devices like the iPad. Microsoft on the other hand, have been working hard to provide a well-rounded ecosystem for its upcoming Windows Surface tablets. In this mini shoot-out, we will be looking at two keyboards made for tablets, the new Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard and Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.

We pit the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard (left) against the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover (right).


Microsoft Wedge
Mobile Keyboard

Logitech Ultrathin
Keyboard Cover

Wireless Range 5 meters 20 meters
Battery 2 AAA alkaline batteries (included)
- lasts for up to six months of use
500mAh (built-in)
- lasts for up to six months of use
Dimensions 257 x 101 x 20.8mm (keyboard)
264 x 134 x 13.9mm (cover)
241.2 x 189.85 x 9.96mm

236g (keyboard)
207g (cover)


Compatibility Any Bluetooth compatible device iPad only
Launch Price S$99 S$139


Design Matters

Unsurprisingly, both keyboards come with Bluetooth connectivity. It is extremely easy to activate it for both devices, but we have to give an additional point to Logitech's keyboard for extra user-friendliness. On the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard, it isn't immediately noticeable to someone on first glance on how to enable Bluetooth as it is well-hidden from prying eyes.

Flip the the Wedge Mobile Keyboard over and you will see its battery compartment which doubles up as an angled base. Long pressing the end with a battery icon will enable you to remove and replace batteries.

To switch on Bluetooth, simply look to the other side of the battery compartment for a Bluetooth icon. Long press it and wait for a small light to flicker on the keyboard.

On the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard, look to its right profile to find a small Bluetooth button (to repair the device), an on-off switch and a micro-USB port for recharging the keyboard.

It is important to note that the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard is not made exclusively for usage with the iPad; in fact, the keyboard can be used for different operating systems including Android, iOS and the Windows platform. It is more or less a stand-alone product separate from the tablet. On the other hand, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard is made specifically for use with the iPad. As such, it doubles up as a smart cover of sorts for the iPad - the aluminium-clad device not only protects your tablet but helps keep your tablet's battery going with its instant On/Off feature, which means your iPad will automatically wake up when you open the cover, and switch to standby mode when you close it. Although technically speaking since it's also a Bluetooth device, it will work with other Bluetooth compatible devices, but because of the design, you're limited to only the iPads in effective usage.

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