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Lifehack your Chinese New Year prep with these 7 apps!

By Liu Hongzuo - 28 Jan 2017

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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

The festivities surrounding Chinese New Year brings joyous celebration to usher in a better year ahead. However, getting through CNY itself takes work. Making it a smooth affair is sometimes tedious. In our current age of technology, there’s an app for everything – and it’s up to us to use them in this time of need.

Here are seven apps that can help you make CNY less of a chore. As with all things online, exercise discretion and due diligence if you want to have a good start to the new year.


1.) Grab (iTunes, Google Play)

Advanced booking can be a lifesaver for people who dread drawn-out house visiting duties. Schedule GrabTaxi bookings before your next stop and you’ll get an excuse to bounce early (Got to go, my transport is here!). We recommend this for those house visits you don’t want to stay very long for – be it your boss’s or an annoying relative with zero regard for personal boundaries.


2.) Honestbee (iTunes, Google Play)

If hosting visitors is your responsibility, Honestbee can be a great aid for an emergency tidbit and beverage supply run. Pick the stuff you need from the app, and they’ll deliver them to your doorstep within the same day. Stay comfortable in your house without hauling those heavy cartons of drinks in this unpredictable weather.


3.) Groupon Asia (iTunes, Google Play)

Need to organize reunion dinner parties for different groups of people in your life? Instead of trawling the web and cold-calling restaurants for seats, you can simply choose a restaurant deal from this app. You can also see all the CNY-related promotions from various restaurants, which is great if you need some variety in your menu.

So we've covered apps to help you commute (or escape from a relative), ordering food if you're hosting, a quick option to check out family reunion dinner locations at a good deal and an app to help you find someone to assist with your last minute spring cleaning needs.

But what about solutions to get new gear/cloths/stuff quickly, getting rid of older stuff, entertaining yourself and the guests? Don't fret, we got you covered!

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