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LG Shows Off Updated Google TV Sets

By Vijay Anand - 9 Jan 2013

LG Shows Off Updated Google TV Sets


LG Shows Off 2013 Google TV Lineup

From the barrage of TVs launched by LG, seven of them are from their Google TV lineup. We first saw LG step into this scene in a big way in last year’s CES and this time round, they’ve updated it in several ways such as being powered by a dual-core CPU for fast menu navigation and web browsing, a new Magic QWERTY Remote to better tackle web content, incorporating PrimeTime quick guide to help discover content anywhere, SmartShare functionality (no NFC support though), a much slimmer bezel and more models supporting a 240Hz refresh rate. All of these aspects come together to improve the Google TV usage experience.

The new MAGIC QWERTY remote now has voice recognition support.

The flip side reveals the QWERTY keyboard, useful for internet browsing.

The new Magic QWERTY Remote has evolved to support natural language recognition (otherwise also known as voice recognition support) and works hand-in-hand with the new PrimeTime quick guide for some neat content search options. If you’ve never heard of PrimeTime, it’s assists you to browse and watch live TV and on-demand content, regardless of where they are showing. For example, a search of a movie title will give you options to watch it on YouTube, Amazon Video, or other online avenues. The same flexibility applies even if you’re not aware of the content’s name and you would like to use a text string descriptor such as that shown below:-

And yes, you can even activate the voice input option on the remove to capture this phrase.

In the next example, we show the actual process by searching for an easy recipe to bake a chocolate cake:-

Activate the voice input option on the remote and speak a phrase that comes to mind, e.g. How to make an easy chocolate cake. The TV registers this and displays your search string for confirmation; you can re-try if you find the captured search string is inaccurate but it seems comfortable with Asian accents.

If you continue with your input, the TV will then search the relevant internet sources…

... and list the videos for your viewing.

In fact if the TV is certain that your search string is highly matched with the content it has fetched, it will start playback of the content automatically.

It looks like LG is sticking true to its name and making life simple with ongoing refinements to their product lineup and the new Google TVs for 2013 exemplify just that. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet as of when these TVs will make an appearance in our region.

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