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LG’s state of the art Signature home appliances arrive in Singapore

By Alvin Soon - 20 May 2017

LG’s state of the art Signature home appliances arrive in Singapore

First introduced last year at CES, LG’s state of the art Signature home appliances are now arriving in Singapore. These are not your average fridges, washing machines or air purifiers, these are really nice home appliances that represent the pinnacle in LG’s design and performance for the home. All to be had, of course, for a pretty penny.

Editor’s note: Images courtesy of LG.


You have to see the LG Signature OLED TV W7 to believe it

You’ve seen us write about the Signature OLED TV W7 multiple times, and for good reason — looking at this TV makes you feel like you just stepped into the future. The 65” model that’s shipping to Singapore is only 2.57mm thin, if you can’t be bothered to whip out your ruler to see how impossible that is, just imagine stacking two S$1 coins together.

It’s so thin that the TV itself can flex without breaking, as you can see in the video below. It’s so light that two people can mount it easily, via wall magnets, directly onto the wall. It’s so flush and thin that you can almost mistake it for wallpaper.

And it’s OLED, which means that the image quality is astounding. But these are only words, you truly have to see it to believe it. Available at S$12,888 now, it’s unlikely that the W7 will make its way into most of our homes, but it’s an exciting glimpse into what the future might bring.


Knock on the LG Signature Refrigerator to save power

The LG Signature Refrigerator comes with a neat ‘Knock-On’ feature, knock on the opaque Door-in-Door glass compartment and it magically turns transparent. It sounds a bit fancy, but it’s all done in the name of saving electricity. Previously, LG’s existing Door-in-Door feature let owners open a smaller door to reach inside the fridge. This minimized cool air loss, and thus saved power.

Knock-On, which comes on every fridge in LG’s new InstaView line (also coming to Singapore), takes that idea to the next level. You can now check out what you have in your fridge without even having to open the door.

When I asked why they didn’t just make the glass opening transparent all the time, LG told me that they tested it, but early users didn’t like to see the mess in their fridge all the time.

LG’s Signature Refrigerator comes with one more luxurious feature, which appears to be inspired by premium automobiles. Dubbed ‘Auto Open Door,’ you can place your foot at the bottom of the fridge, and a smart sensor automatically opens the door for you.

The LG Signature Refrigerator can be yours now for the cool price of S$10,888.


LG Signature Washing Machine brings beauty to washing machines

If you’ve ever wondered why washing machines are so ugly (I have), then take a second look at the LG Signature Washing Machine. The Signature Washing Machine builds on the existing LG TwinWash washers; it comes with dual tubs for double the wash.

But what really makes this washing machine stand out is its minimalist design. A touch-enabled Quick Circle User Interface is embedded in the front-loading glass door, and the washer’s enamel coating gives it a sleek sheen that also resists fingerprints and corrosion.

The LG Signature’s main front-loading washer and dryer has a 12kg washing capacity and a 7kg drying capacity, it’s available now at S$4,888. The bottom pedestal-washer has a 2kg washing capacity and is available now at S$1,000.


The LG Signature Air Purifier humidifies as it purifies

Besides purifying the air, the LG Signature Air Purifier also humidifies it. A water system filters out chemicals and contaminants while infusing moisture into inhaled air for an optimal humidity level. A transparent ‘Rain View Window’ on top of the Air Purifier lets you see the humidification process at work.

Admittedly, injecting more humidity into the air isn’t something hot and humid Singapore needs, but it might work better for dry, air-conditioned rooms. What’s more pertinent might be the Signature Black Filter System; LG says you can reuse the filters for up to 10 years, saving you money.

It’s worth noting the LG Signature Air Purifier doesn’t come with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, but LG says it can filter up to PM1.0 particles, and the claim has been tested by the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, as well as Tianjin University’s Laboratory of Indoor Air Environmental Quality Control.


See the LG Signature collection for yourself at Ion Orchard

You can check out the LG Signature collection for yourself, from now until the 23rd of May. The various appliances will be on display at Ion Orchard’s level one atrium, and some are already in stores or will be soon.

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