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LEGO BTS Dynamite review: Plenty of fan services for ARMY

By The Count - 14 May 2023

LEGO BTS Dynamite review: Plenty of fan services for ARMY

Note: This feature was first published on 23 April 2023.

The LEGO BTS Dynamite (21339) set is a perfect combination of two worlds – LEGO and BTS. As an old fan of LEGO and a somewhat-new fan of BTS, I was intrigued when LEGO announced the collaboration and got my hands on one at launch. This set captures the playful and lively spirit of the "Dynamite" music video and allows fans to recreate their favorite moments with mini LEGO versions of the BTS members.

One of the best things about this set is that it includes all seven mini-figures of the BTS members – RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook. This marks the first time that BTS has been transformed into LEGO characters, and the level of detail in the mini-figures is stunning, even some creative liberty had to be taken by LEGO due to the limitations of existing brick molds. RM’s mini-fig hairstyle, for instance, while sporting the same blue colour hair in the music video, looks completely different from his real-life version.

Each mini-fig is also dressed in their unique "Dynamite" outfit and comes with their own accessories that mirror their individual styles. The mini-fig are also poseable (of course), which allows for more creative and dynamic display options for owners who are BTS ARMY.

The set comprises 749 pieces and is designed to recreate the vivid donut shop, ice cream truck, and record store featured in the "Dynamite" music video. The buildings are detachable, which allows for individual play and display experiences. The attention to detail is remarkable, with every aspect of the set crafted meticulously to reflect the fun and lively feel of the music video. Check out my photos below.

Here's RM dancing in the Records Shop. ARMY will no doubt be able to spot aster eggs here, including stickers with covers of BTS' albums such as Map of the Soul: 7, Wings, and BE.

You can't miss Jung Kook besides the Dynamite Burger & Donut door too.

Arguably one of the most iconic shot of the music video; Jimin dancing below the purple donut, with the rest of the BTS crew behind.

Not forgetting this shot of V and the Dynamite ice cream truck too.

The basket ball court and hoop is possibly the single most disappointing part of the set, only because I think LEGO could have find a way to make it a little larger. (P/S: Suga - aka Agust D - is also coming to Singapore, as a part of his solo tour. Not that you don't already know.)

Here's Jimin again, with another frontal shot of the Record shop.

The Dynamite music video features the BTS members in two sets of costumes. Unfortunately, the LEGO set only includes one set.

What sets this LEGO set apart from others is its interactive stage. According to James May, the LEGO Ideas Model Designer, they ensured that the BTS mini-figs could genuinely dance because "dance choreography is so important for BTS." The stage has a unique “moving” function that enables the band members to dance (rotate, actually), making it a fun and distinctive addition to the set.

As a collectible, this limited-edition set is a two-in-one catch that combines two global icons. The suggested retail price of the set may seem steep at S$159.90, but for fans of both LEGO and BTS, I think most LEGO X BTS fans will find that it's a reasonable price to pay for such a unique and collectible experience. The set is available at select LEGO certified stores and online at Amazon, Lazada, Shopee and Bricks World

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