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Keeping your kids amused as we live under the extended Circuit Breaker *Updated*

By Ken Wong - 11 May 2020

More sites to keep your kids amused

7) GIA

Discover precious stones and minerals from the comfort of your own homeIgnite a love for minerals and gems in youngsters with the GemKids Program. An introduction to gemology made up of free downloadable presentations.

Best for kids aged 8 to 10.

Check out the link here


8) Google Arts & Culture

Spend an afternoon or more learning about other culturesA site with fun facts, awesome activities, and surprising stories for families to explore together. Explore museums, learn simple recipes, and discover a love of the great masters as you explore this site. 

Best for ages 8 up. 

Check out the link here


9) HP

Print mazes, pages to colour in and 3D paper models to while away an afternoon No matter your kid's ages, there is something here for them to print, create, and discover – at home.

Best for ages 2 to 12. 

Check out the link here


10) iRobot

Will you turn your Roomba into the Terminator?The makers of the Roomba is making virtual and offline coding projects available for elementary and middle school students for home use, some of which require no particular technology. To unlock the premium content, download the Root Coding app and enter the code, "LEARN" on the home screen.

There is something here for kids aged 2 and up. 

Check out the link here


11) Microsoft - Minecraft 

Ready to walk the ISS?Minecraft Education Edition is available free to teachers through June 2020. They need to have a valid Office 365 Education account. There's a brief educator quick-start guide that includes a set of "curriculum kits," projects that can be implemented with students working remotely. The Minecraft Education Challenge invites students to learn about sustainability and inclusion, and then to design projects using Minecraft.

The company has also added a new education category within the Minecraft Marketplace, free of charge through June 30. Minecraft players can explore the International Space Station, wander through the inside of a human eye, learn what it's like to be a marine biologist and more. The world will be free to download through Jun. 30, 2020. Just look for the "free" tag.

Best for kids aged 7 and up.

Check out the link here


12) National Geographic Society 

Learn from real-life explorers as they share their adventuresThey have released a number of free resources and visuals, including daily Explorer Classrooms live broadcasts (at 2 p.m. Eastern Time), to enable young people to hear National Geographic Explorers talk about their expeditions; educator-curated collections of learning activities; and a resource library with lessons, videos and articles.

Best for ages 3 to 17. 

Check out the link here


13) Porsche

A must-visit for car lovers of any age!

Take a digital tour around the Porsche Museum. See the history of the automaker, view the racing cars, and take in the behind-the-scenes action. Get up and close with their favourite racing drivers such as Stéphane Ortelli, Mark Webber and Kurt Ahrens in a Q&A session via Instagram. Even more exciting for car lovers of any age is Porsche4Kids where you can find a wide selection of games and kid-friendly activities to the public for free.

Best for ages 4 to 16. 

Check it out here.


14) Spotify

Listen to what other parents use to keep their kids amused

Spotify has curated a list of songs and podcasts, parents around the world have been playing to keep them distracted and occupied under the Here’s What Parents Around the World Have Been Playing for Their Kids at Home. It is based on age-group range so it will help many parents. 

Best for ages 3 to 15.

Check out the link here

*Updated: 20 May 13.30pm*

15) National Heritage Board

Explore Singapore and its history

Virtually embark on an exciting heritage journey into Singapore's past and visit Historic Sites, National Monuments and Heritage Trails! Relive and discover Singapore's past through resources like collections, videos and publications.

Check out the link here.


16) Gardens by the Bay

Ask horticulturists all the questions you have about plants

Gardens by the Bay is offering ebooks and crafts to keep kids amused at home. Parents can also play videos that feature Gardens by the Bay’s horticulturalists showcasing parts of the Gardens. They may also email plant questions into the Plant Doctor and the horticulturalists will answer them.

Check out the link here.


17) Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Read some fun stories of the animals at the Zoo

Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) developed resources to create activities to teach children about the “Animals We Love”. This offers online activity packs for pre-schoolers and primary school children to teach them about animals from River Safari and the Singapore Zoo.

Check out the link here

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