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Keeping your kids amused as we live under the extended Circuit Breaker *Updated*

By Ken Wong - 11 May 2020

Keeping your kids amused *Updated*

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*Updated on 20 May at 13.30pm: Three new websites on page 2. 

As we come to grips with Work From Home and Home Based Learning, our kids have quietly entered into the mid-year school holidays. 

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are all stuck at home and often at a loss with what to do to keep them amused and out of our remaining hair as we try to work. 
Fortunately, not all of the Internet is bad. No...wait, I mean that. Yes, a lot is designed to distract with brainless videos and inane games, but there are gems out there and some are even educational. 
Here are some of what we found we hope you can use this period.

1) Adobe and Time magazine

Each week, there is a different art topic to follow!

They provide a weekly art lesson online. Each episode includes a new drawing assignment, and participants vote on what they'd like the following week's assignment to be.
While the tips can work for most kids, it is best for kids up to 8 years of age. 
Check out the link here

2) Amazon

Good science site for independent learners.

Amazon Future Engineer is providing free access to sponsored computer science courses in the United States, intended for independent learners in grades 6-12 and teachers who are remotely teaching this age group. Parents can also access the curriculum. 
Best for ages 7 to 17.
Check out the link here

3) Amplify

Good remote learning material

Amplify has pulled from their top-rated programs to create a series of remote learning experiences that are high-quality, easy to use at home, and totally free.
There is something here for ages 5 to 17. 
Check out the link here

4) B&O Junior Junction 

A great site to keep kids amused for hours

B&O Railroad Museum is developing tools and resources for educators and students who are currently impacted by mandated school closures. Each Tuesday and Thursday they post a Junior Junction special, which includes a virtual storytime, accompanied by a corresponding educational activity that can be easily downloaded to use at home. How about making a volcano? Yes, that and more, step this way!
Best for ages 5 to 14. 
Check out the link here

5) Canon

Learn photography or do creative art projects online

Canon is offering a series of live webinars and masterclasses (free of charge), where viewers are able to pick up a new skill in different areas of photography every week hosted by professional photographers, and content creator Jimmy Chan.  hosting the 4-part Masterclass series, these online classes will definitely keep both parents and kids engaged. Please see the attached event listing for more information, and events are accessible via Canon’s Facebook events page.
Parents looking to pick up a new skill with their kids at home and parents looking for supplementary home-based learning resources to keep them meaningfully engaged at home can turn to Canon Creative Park. It provides a variety of free downloadable paper-craft materials that are suitable for kids of all ages to enjoy and let their creative juices flow. What’s more, anyone can access and download and print their templates for free – these templates include multiplication tables and even games such as chess and puzzles.
Best for ages 2 to 8. 
Check out the link here

6) Casio

A great site to develop math sites

Casio has developed an excellent resource to help with remote learning with online learning tools and resources designed to help sustain math skills at home. Not only that, but there's a whole host of math puzzles and quizzes to tease your mind, many needing calculator skills to help you out too. If you want to test yourself, Casio has made an excellent compilation. Just don't let their calculator line-up fool you; there's a different set of math puzzles behind each calculator!
Best for ages 4 to 18. 
Check out the link here and here.
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