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IT Show 2018 highlights

By Team HardwareZone - 18 Mar 2018

Headphones & Speakers - 2


Here’s Plantronics’ star buy for this show – the BackBeat Fit Boost edition is going for $149 with a free iWalk 10k Power Bank thrown in, unlimited access to 12 workouts on the PEAR Personal Coach App, and a 6-month membership to Pear+. That’s $40 off for these headphones that normally retail for $189, and they offer Plantronics’ exclusive P2i sweat and weatherproof nano-coating – equivalent to the international IP57 rating.

If over-ear headphones are more your thing, look to the BackBeat 505. These are going for $99 at the show, down $40 from the usual of $139. And, you’ll get a free iWalk 10k Power Bank thrown in. Pretty good for these headphones that offer a 18-hour battery life and memory foam ear cushions for better passive noise isolation.

Click here to read more about the BackBeat Fit, and here to read about the the BackBeat  505.



If gaming headsets are what you're looking for, Razer has the Kraken 7.1v2 on sale at the show. As the name implies, this USB digital headset features virtual 7.1 surround sound so you'll always know where the enemy is coming from. It's going for just $129.90, down $30 from the usual of $159.90.

If in-ear headphones are more your thing, check out the Hammerhead Pro. The V2 version here is going for $99.90, down $25 from the usual price of $124.90. If you're an iOS user, the deal gets even better, as the Hammerhead Mercury for iOS is also going for $99.90, $60 down from the usual price of $159.90.



Samsung is also at the show, and they've got the Gear Icon X on offer for $218, with a free LED runner belt pouch thrown in (worth $39). Not bad for these true wireless earbuds that normally go for $268. These have 4GB of onboard storage so you won't even need your phone to get music.

Otherwise, do take a look at their sound bars too. As this picture indicates, buy any Samsung TV and you'll get an additional 40% off show prices.

For example, check out the HW-MS6501/XS here. This curved sound bar is going for just $549 at the show, and that goes down even more to $449 if you get it with a TV. Not bad for this three channel sound bar with distortion canceling technology. At least $350 savings!

The HW-K850/XS is also a worthy buy, and this can be had for as low as $899 if you purchase it with a television at the show. Even the regular discount is a good buy, as that's $1049, a good $550 savings from the regular price!



Sennheiser is also at the show, and they've got the premium Game Zero gaming headset on offer for just $299, down $70 from the usual price of $369. And there's even an extra 10% off to be had just by signing up to be a Sennheiser Insider at the show, meaning you could have it for about $269, almost $100 off!

The same promotion applies for the PXC 550, so while the sale price of $449 is already $200 lower than the usual price of $649, simply signing up gets you a low price of just about $400! That's a great price for these noise-canceling headphones with 30 hours battery life. 



Gamers, Steelseries is at IT Show2018 with some cool deals. For example, the Arctis 3 is going for $159, with a free limited edition Arctis headband and an acrylic headset stand thrown in. (While stocks last) This has virtual 7.1 surround sound capabilities, so you'll really feel like you're in the thick of the action.

Otherwise, take a look at the Arctis 5 DOTA edition headset. This is going for $199, down $30 from the usual price of $229. It too has 7.1 surround sound, and comes with the limited edition headband and acrylic headset stand. 



Sonos is also at the show, and they’ve got their latest Sonos One smart home speaker up for sale. This streams music over both Bluetooth and Wireless, and can be used with other Sonos speakers wirelessly to complete your multi-room setup. Buy a pair for $638 instead of the usual price of $658. 

Also on offer, is the Play:1 bookshelf speaker. This is being sold as a pair for just $498, down almost 40% from the usual price of $798. Pretty good deal if you ask us, as the tiny speaker plays sound well above its size, and streams over Wi-Fi for a more stable connection.

Find out more about the Sonos One here.



Now here’s a great deal. The MDR-1ADAC is unique in that it has a built-in DAC (complete with internal battery) that taps on a S-Master HX digital amplifier to reduce distortion and noise across all frequency range. It's going for $299 at the show, $200 off the original price of $499!

Find out more about the MDR-1ADAC here.

The HT-MT300 soundbar is also on sale at the show, and it’s going for $449, down $150 (after cashback) from the usual price of $599. Not a bad price for this compact sound bar and woofer combination that features a Sofa Mode for optimal sound even if you place the subwoofer under the sofa.

Otherwise, look to the HT-CT800. This has support for 4K and HDR content via HDMI HDCP 2.2, and S-Force Pro Front surround for better surround effects. One of Sony’s Star buys for the show, this is going for $649, down $250 (after cashback) from the usual price of $899.



If you’re looking for a very pocketable speaker that still packs a punch, check out the X-mini XOUNDBAR. It measures just 21.5mm thick, but uses custom flat drivers to still deliver quality audio. It’s going for $44.00 at the show instead of the usual $49.90. Get two and you can pair them wirelessly for a true stereo experience!

For something larger, there's always the X-mini Supa. This vintage-looking speaker has a built-in DSP and DAC for better audio, and offers a single swivel dial to control both music and volume. It's going for $188.00 at the show, down about $20 from the usual of $209.90, and you'll get a free 16GB Kingston microSD card thrown in too!

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