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IT Show 2012 - TVs & AV Products Buying Guide

By Team HardwareZone - 10 Mar 2012

HDTVs & Audio Solutions - Philips

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IT Show 2012 is held at the Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Center. On from now till March 11th, this highly anticipated consumer electronics exhibition will span a total of five floors (1, 2, 3, 4, and 6), and their doors will be open from 12pm to 9pm daily. In this buying guide, we've highlighted noteworthy items related to the Audio and Visual field, consisting mainly of HDTVs, AV systems, projectors, headphones, as well as media players. And we hope they'll come in handy with your shopping plans before you decide on your next AV purchase at the show. 

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TVs & AV Systems

March (or the first quarter) is a time when most TV makers have yet to refresh their line-ups for the year ahead. And it's likely that local dealers would be slashing prices of their current stock to make way for new replacements in the months ahead. If you've been saving up for a discounted HDTV set, then there's no better time to snag one now. Market trends suggest that LED-backlit sets are gaining popularity among consumers, and it isn't hard to see why. LED-based televisions are slimmer than traditional CCFL-backlit types and they are significantly less power hungry as well. Although LG won't be participating in this year's show, you'll still be able to find some good deals from the rest of the leading brands like Samsung, Sony, and Philips with their own fleet of LED-lit screens.   

Apart from a TV's specifications, do keep in mind that other aspects such as your room's dimensions, lighting, and seating arrangements will affect your viewing experience. For example, watching a huge screen up close isn't ideal, for pictures tend to lose their realism when the pixels are too apparent. Similarly, bright ambient lighting can degrade your TV's image quality too, like harsh sunlight for instance. Ideally, it's best to have two calibrated picture settings - for dimmer and brighter viewing environments. More TV buying tips can be found in our HDTV Buying Guide and 3D TV Buying Guide, which we hope would aid you in your quest when sourcing for an appropriate TV for your living space. If you've been prowling for a Smart TV, you might want to take a peek at our video which discusses the various Internet-connected platforms and how they stack up. Most of us rarely change or upgrade our televisions, so please consider your options before you fork out a thousand dollars or two for that slim and sexy panel. 


Philips (Level 4, Booth 8161)


Philips 47-inch PFL7606H Smart LED 3D TV

The PFL7606 is one of Philips' mid-range 3D LED model which oozes style and flair with its brushed metal looks. Released late last year, this sexy 47-inch Full-HD TV is driven by Philips' Pixel Precise HD video processing engine to ensure you get nothing less than stunning HD pictures. It also flaunts a speedy 400MHz PMR frame rate to smooth out those annoying judders. The PFL7606 is priced at $2,399 compared to its usual price of $2,999. Audio House is also throwing in a free SoundBar (HTS9140) with every purchase, or you may grab the TV alone for $1999! 

  • IT Show Price: $2,399
  • Usual Price: $2,999
  • Promotion: Free HTS9140 Home Theater  SoundBar


Philips HTS9140 Home Theater Soundbar

A SoundBar is a great alternative if there isn't enough space for discrete surround-sound speakers within your living room. Besides offering 3D Blu-ray support, the Philips HTS9140 packs a whopping sonic punch as well with its two center drivers and four surround speakers, plus a passive 6.5-inch subwoofer in the mix.  It's also able to decode high-resolution sound formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. And best of all, the HTS9140 looks awesome when it's wall mounted just below that slim and sensuous HDTV set of yours.

  • IT Show Price: $999
  • Usual Price: $1,199
  • Promotion: Free iPod dock (DCK3060) + 2 x Blu-ray titles 


Philips AS851 Fidelio Docking Speaker 

It's true that almost every sound dock was designed for the Apple iPhone or iPod. But thanks to Philips, we now have a dedicated range of docking speakers tuned for Android phones and media devices. The Fidelio AS851 is currently king of Philips' Android crop, and this king features the Dutch's own DSP (Digital Sound Processing) technology for 'detailed and powerful' sound. It also packs a versatile micro-USB connector, also known as the Flexidock to fit different phone shapes and sizes. With Bluetooth connectivity and a 30W RMS audio muscle, this is a must-have among music lovers with Android gizmos.   

  • IT Show Price: $349
  • Promotion: Free iPad cover


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