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Interview with M1: Not alone in its 5G standalone journey

By Liu Hongzuo - 31 Jul 2021

M1’s visions for 5G in Singapore

Photo by Jeremy Julian on Unsplash.

M1’s visions for 5G in Singapore

How has the pandemic re-shaped the way M1 brings 5G, or even connectivity to its users?

In the last few years, there has been a shift in consumer behaviour towards digital platforms and services — and the pandemic has further accelerated this. As a result, both consumers and businesses are looking for quicker, simpler, and more personalised experiences.

This is why we embarked on our digital transformation journey last year, completely revamping all our processes to focus on customers through a simplified, streamlined, and self-service digital platform.

With this, we have become Singapore’s first network operator to integrate all aspects of our back-end systems onto a one-of-its-kind, cloud-native digital platform. This has significantly enhanced the scalability, evolution and performance of our systems, and will allow us to unleash the full potential of 5G by using 5G SA’s cloud-native architecture to create and provide superior services to consumers and businesses.

Beyond this, our enterprise business launched a range of solutions and services to support businesses throughout the pandemic – these include remote working and business continuity solutions.

We have recently collaborated with like-minded partners in the IT space to support Singapore’s SMEs on their digital transformation journeys, gearing them up with the latest applications and solutions to stand out from the competition and deliver differentiated services to their consumers.


How do you envision 5G being beneficial to businesses in Singapore?

Tapping into the full potential of 5G SA will be a game-changer for the business community in Singapore and beyond. M1 has been working on various live use-cases and trials with some of the most exciting enterprises and SMEs across Singapore to reimagine how businesses can use 5G to increase efficiency, accelerate innovation, and meet customers’ needs. 

Such B2B2C opens up limitless possibilities by allowing businesses to leverage the incredible speed, responsiveness and extreme device density of advanced 5G networks to enable a range of truly revolutionary new applications — from autonomous vehicles to remote surgery, maritime applications and retail banking — that can benefit the average consumer as well.


Is Singapore even "5G-ready" as a nation?

With 5G set to usher in a new era of ultra-fast and responsive connectivity experiences for consumers in Singapore, it holds power to transform industries by enabling a range of exciting new applications. These innovations will, in turn, redefine how businesses increase efficiency, accelerate innovation and meet customers’ needs.

Singapore’s outlook to 5G is much more forward-looking than many other countries in the region. This is because the Government and local regulators are proactive and encourage the adoption of new technologies, which fosters an innovative 5G ecosystem. 

We are already making good progress with the 5G SA rollout, and we foresee that Singapore will continue to be at the forefront of 5G development.

Beyond the consumer segment, many businesses in Singapore have also started to explore the benefits through market trials and use-cases. Our work with both B2B and B2B2C cases not only drives monetisation for us but also creates significant value for the businesses and end-consumers. This will pave the way and establish Singapore’s position as a leading digital and connectivity hub.

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