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Interesting sights of CES 2015

By Vijay Anand, Dr. Jimmy Tang & Kenny Yeo - 11 Jan 2015

Car Tech

Car Tech

Increasingly, automakers are using CES as a platform to showcase their latest models and technologies. This is Mercedes-Benz's newest AMG GT sports coupe.

American muscle! More importantly, Ford is showing off its new Sync 3 in-car infotainment software, which, like a smartphone or tablet, can receive software updates over Wi-Fi.

Toyota is turning to hydrogen with its Mirai car. In the Mirai, hydrogen is converted to electrical energy by combining with oxygen and the only waste product produced in that reaction is water.

Cars of the future will allow occupants to interact with it using hand gestures. We tried out Volkswagen's system, but found it to be unintuitive to use.

It may look like a standard Honda Odyssey, but in fact the crowd is here to check out how this retrofitted car charges wirelessly! Provisioned by the Qualcomm Halo group, their Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) system, it tackles a common issue associated with charging for electric vehicles - the need to physically plug the vehicle to a power outlet. The Qualcomm WEVC system uses magnetic resonance to couple power from a base charging unit to the vehicle charging unit.

Checking the retrofitted Honda Odyssey's main dashboard, we noticed there's a battery power gauge along with a fuel gauge for conventional drive.

In this Chevrolet car demo at Qualcomm's booth, its showcasing their Snapdragon 800-series processor powering up the various dashboards and car infotainment systems. Looks like the NVIDIA Tegra X1 has company.

At NVIDIA's booth, we were given a chance to check out NVIDIA's Drive system implemented in an electric sports car. Renovo worked with NVIDIA to modify one of their Coupe for this special technical showcase and it could be a stepping stone for more such cars from the auto maker in the future. Over the next few photos, we'll give you a further close-up of this half a million-dollar car.

The vital stats of the Renovo Coupe.

The dashboard and infotainment system of the Renovo Coupe are powered by the NVIDIA Drive system and was silky smooth just as it was showcased on its own.

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