Intel H55 Mobo Shootout - Integrated HD Graphics Showdown

By Vincent Chang - 25 Jan 2010

HD Playback Performance & Power Consumption

HD Playback Performance

HD playback is something that Intel has promised, especially with the 'HD Graphics' name and it has been fulfilled, with our Blu-ray playback smooth and flawless for all the boards. CPU utilization rates may not be as low as other IGP motherboard competitors like ATI and NVIDIA but unless you're running something heavy in the background, you won't find the playback lacking.

Power Consumption

Power consumption is a strong point of Intel's new processors and these boards all scored extremely well in this department. Those that had higher power consumption figures generally came with slightly more features, which explained those results. Intel's rather basic board was hence the board with the lowest power draw, idle or peak. However, once you factor in the extra features, the MSI H55M-ED55 looked better than its competitors for its low power draw.

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