Intel H55 Mobo Shootout - Integrated HD Graphics Showdown

By Vincent Chang - 25 Jan 2010

Gaming Benchmarks

Gaming Benchmarks

Onwards to the gaming benchmarks which test the integrated graphics at the heart of the Core i5-661. First up, 3DMark06, where we were rather surprised at the lower scores returned by the Gigabyte and Intel boards. The other boards were performing at a slightly higher level here. Perhaps the games would provide some form of insight?

Quake 4 at least confirmed that the Gigabyte was not the fastest in gaming here, as it finished bottom, though with a gap of less than two frames between the top and bottom, it's not too significant. The other game, Unreal Tournament 3 generally had all the boards on level terms and we believe that's the likely case for these boards. Finally, in spite of Intel's improvements for the integrated GPU, there's definitely more work to be done.

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