Intel Core 2 (Conroe) Performance Review

By Zachary Chan - 14 Jul 2006

Results - SPECviewperf 8.01

Results - SPECviewperf 8.01

SPECviewperf may be an OpenGL benchmark, but its workloads do stress the memory subsystem and scales particularly well with CPU performance. We've singled out a few workloads that react the most to processor scaling to see how the new Core 2 Duo processors fare.

SPECviewperf posts a very consistent performance trend among all the processors and the Core 2 Duo again proves to be way out of the league of both the AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 and the Pentium Extreme Edition 965. The 2.4Ghz E6600 shows a 20% performance improvement over the FX-62 and when you look at the Core 2 Extreme X6800, the performance gap between the FX-62 jumps to 40% for the maya-01 workload and racks up a 70% improvement in the Light-07 workload.

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