HWZ Deal Alert: The CanJam 2018 Edition

By Kenny Yeo - 24 Mar 2018

HWZ Deal Alert: The CanJam 2018 Edition (Page 1)

CanJam Singapore 2018 happens tomorrow at the Pan Pacific hotel and frankly, it is a headphone enthusiast’s dream come true. Almost all of the biggest brands in headphone-dom will be present and showcasing their latest wares, giving enthusiasts a great chance to audition and buy headphones and its related accessories and peripherals under one roof. The event takes place over the weekend (24 and 25 March) and here are some of the deals that you can look forward to.


Audeze LCD2 Classic

Audeze LCD2 Classic.

It is tempting to dismiss the LCD2 Classic as a cheaper version of the LCD-2, but it is a very solid headphone in its own right. Build quality is exemplary and I think it sounds really fantastic. It doesn’t quite have the refinement of the LCD-2, but the LCD2 Classic has the upper hand when it comes to dynamism and punch. If you are just starting out in this hobby and want to have a taste of what high-end headphone audio sounds like, this headphone is a good place to start. To find out more, check out my review here.

CanJam Singapore 2018 promo price: $934 (U.P $1,099)


Chord Poly

Chord Mojo + Poly.

The Poly is an add-on module that combines with the Mojo portable headphone amplifier and DAC to give it wireless streaming capabilities. This allows users who love the sound of their headphones out of the Mojo to enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth audio streaming. The Poly supports Bluetooth, AirPlay, and DLNA. It also has a microSD card slot and can play music directly from it, thereby creating a portable DAP of sorts.

CanJam Singapore 2018 promo price: $849 (U.P $999)


Hifiman Sundara

Hifiman Sundara.

After the uber expensive and exotic Shangri-La and Susvara headphones, Hifiman gives us the more down-to-earth Sundara. The Sundara is the company’s latest offering targeted at  mainstream buyers and it features a new suspension-style headband design for improved wearing comfort and more sensitive drivers so that it can be played from a greater variety of devices. But perhaps more importantly, it is one of the most affordably priced planar magnetic headphones.

CanJam Singapore 2018 promo price: $637 (U.P $749)


Woo Audio WA22

Woo Audio WA22 balanced tube amplifier.

Looking for a tube amplifier to complete your headphone listening station? Be sure to check out the Woo Audio WA22. This impressive amplifier weighs over 10kg and features an all-tube, fully-balanced, Class-A design that delivers very consistent power. It delivers up to 1.5W at 32 ohms and 1.1W at 300 ohms, so it is capable of driving even the most demanding of headphones. Best of all, I think it looks absolutely stunning and will be a fitting centerpiece for any setup.

CanJam Singapore 2018 promo price: $3,599 (U.P $3,999)


MrSpeakers Aeon Flow

MrSpeakers Aeon Flow.

You are probably familiar with the Aeon Flow headphones from MrSpeakers by now. Available as open and closed-back headphones, these headphones deliver exceptional sound quality for their price. The closed Aeon Flows are remarkably neutral and balanced, while the open Aeon Flows are wonderfully warm and alluring. Check out my review of the Aeon Flow headphones to find out more.

CanJam Singapore 2018 promo price: $989 (U.P $1,099)

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