HWZ Deal Alert: 21st August 2017

By Liu Hongzuo - 21 Aug 2017

HWZ Deal Alert: 21st August 2017

Got deal, got talk! GDGT! =)

Big savings on well-known brands – the backbone of every HWZ deal alert. Let’s see what’s floating around the Internet today!


Canon EOS 6D (body)

If you’re just starting out in the world of photography, your first full-frame DSLR camera matters. Enter the Canon EOS 6D, a beginner-friendly, entry-level alternative. It’s not the latest, but it’s modern enough to be the first Canon DSLR to pack Wi-Fi and GPS compatibility. Granted, it’s a product from 2012-2013, but it would serve well if you want a brand new full-frame DSLR body that won’t break the bank.

Back at its launch, it retailed at S$2,899 (body), which was S$500 more than what it was sold for in the States. Massdrop has it available at just US$1,149 now (~S$1566.06) – that’s more than S$1,332 in savings. This offer is only good for two more days before it expires. Even the deals on Amazon aren’t as good.

Read our thoughts on the Canon EOS 6D here.


Linksys Velop (mesh Wi-Fi routers, 3-pack)

Creating your mesh Wi-Fi network in your own home isn’t the same as using a bunch of range extenders. For starters, the range extender does exactly what it says on the tin – extends the range with no improvements to the current signal strength. Wi-Fi range extenders have half the bandwidth (or less) of your router since they can’t transmit or receive data simultaneously. Finally, range extenders use a different SSID because they have their network – so you’d get dropped Wi-Fi when moving in and out of range.

Mesh Wi-Fi, on the other hand, operate on a single SSID and isn’t limited in its way of extension. It also comes with a host of our benefits, all at a higher setup cost.

A triple pack for the Linksys Velop goes for S$749, which is pretty pricey if you want to adopt newer technology at the drop of a hat. Currently, there’s a retailer on Lazada selling a 3-pack at S$657, making it easier to stomach.

Is mesh Wi-Fi what you truly need? Let our resident router reviewer and associate editor tell you more. He too also reviewed the Linksys Velop here.


PS4 Pro (with 2 controllers)

The PS4 Pro (1TB) needs no reintroduction. It’s the same PS4, but with a boosted CPU, GPU, and support for 4K and HDR content. Great, if you already have a 4K TV somewhere that can take advantage of the game machine.

The discount isn’t massive (S$544, which is less than 10% down from the original S$599), but the additional, randomly-colored DualShock 4 controller thrown in means more savings (U.P. S$67.90) since the regular sets only offer one set. It makes perfect sense if you’re getting the console for multiplayer, too (like the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, if you’re not using a fight-stick). If you order it today, you can have it your residence by 28th August, since the distributor uses Ninja Van for deliveries.

Editor's note and disclaimer: The deals are not an endorsement or recommendation of the product from the editorial team. Instead, the listed items present themselves as a good deal based on the novelty factor and how much of a discount it is being offered at standard retail pricing at the time of publishing. Please note that we are not responsible in any way if you're unable to secure the listed offer due to errors on our part or should the offers expire by the time you've checked them.

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