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How to buy the Google Pixel and Pixel XL in Singapore (Updated!)

By James Lu & Vijay Anand - 14 Jan 2017

How to buy the Google Pixel and Pixel XL in Singapore

Update 1: This article was first published on 6th November 2016, but updated to reflect availability and offers as of 13th November 2016.
Update 2: Article has been updated to reflect current availability and offers as of 1st January 2017.

Google's latest smartphones the Pixel and Pixel XL won't officially be launching in Singapore (at least for now) but there are still plenty of ways you can acquire one.



At the moment, Boom on Lazada has the Google Pixel 32GB black for S$1,148 S$1,039. And the 128GB Silver variant is only from S$1,271 from Smartcell Mobile.

Lazada's own listing of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones now have all the color options, but they are (still) out of stock at the point of publishing! For reference, Lazada's 32GB Pixel in black, blue and silver go S$1,149, and the 128GB Pixel for S$1,339. The Pixel XL 32GB is listed for S$1,359 and the 128GB XL model for S$1,499.

Do note that all of these are import models, which means no warranty, although as you're buying from Lazada, you do get 14 days free return if you do change your mind.



Shopee has the 128GB Pixel in both black and silver available for S$1,300. Not as enticing as the Lazada listed offer, but nonetheless an option to consider if that one runs out of stock. For almost the same price, you can also opt for the 32GB XL version.



Mobyshop has stocks for both the Pixel and Pixel XL in both the black and silver colors although they aren't competitively priced anymore.  The basic 32GB Google Pixel is going for S$1,278 and don't forget the extra $51.12 if you're paying via credit card online. Even if you choose to go down to their shop at Far East Plaza to pay cash just for the phone, it's not a worthwhile offer in our opinion. Once again, it's an import model, which means no warranty. Back in November 2016, you could have gotten it for as low as S$1,098.



Techbox has both the 32GB Pixel (silver and black) and Pixel XL (silver and black). Techbox is selling the Pixel for S$1,248 with delivery showing as 1-3 days. The Pixel XL is going for S$1,468 S$1,428 with a similar delivery timeline. This time round, the 128GB storage option is available for both phone sizes at S$1,428 and S$1,688 respectively.



Malaysian website Techbug has all variants of the Pixel and Pixel XL available for order, including the limited edition Blue variant. Some options are immediately available for purchase, while some are on the backorder listing. The 32GB Pixel is retailing for S$1,048.53 S$1017.98, while the 128GB version is selling for S$1,193.72 S$1,156.94. The 32GB Pixel XL is selling for S$1,225.98 S$1186.03, while the 128GB is S$1,371.16 82 S$1,324.99. However, take note that the last variant, the Pixel XL 128GB, is not in stock and has no definite ETA.

*Don't forget to add S$17 for standard shipping to Singapore or S$20 for DHL express. Warranties are handled by Techbug.*

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