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Here's how you can be a Fortnite streamer

By Team GameAxis - 12 Dec 2018,9:55pm

Have the right equipment - Our Test Rig, Monitors & Audio

Our Rig

The ASUS ROG G21 Huracan we used for this feature fits all the criteria we've put across on the earlier page. This machine packs a hex-core Intel Core i7-8700K processor, one of the more powerful processors on the market before the just-released Core i9 series was announced.

The Huracan also comes with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM as well as a 256GB SSD along with a 2TB HDD. All in all, the Huracan makes a great machine to game and stream on, comfortably hitting all our recommendations. You can find out more about our experience with this gaming machine in this review.



Monitors, plural, it makes your life as a streamer so much easier if you are doing it on two monitors. One monitor is for gaming while the other helps you keep track and interact with your stream and audience. So that means you need a gaming monitor and another as a stream monitor.

For the gaming monitor, it is recommended to have one that is at least FHD and has a refresh rate of 60Hz. If you are planning on streaming an FPS title like we are, you might want a higher refresh rate depending on your budget. That said, unless you have a PC that can fully utilize the high refresh rate, it is perfectly fine to use a 60Hz monitor.

The streaming monitor has no real requirements. In fact, most run of the mill monitors would work, but maybe avoid CRTs.

Jokes aside, on our end, we were using an ASUS ROG SWIFT PG248Q  as our gaming monitor. This FHD monitor comes with a refresh rate of 144Hz and can be overclocked to 180Hz. This works well for us when streaming Fortnite as we need every little edge and response time, so we don’t embarrass ourselves live. To get even more insights, we have a quick review of this monitor.



It is very much possible to stream by opting to type on the stream chat as a form of audience interaction. However, it is easier to respond by speaking as it is faster and does not require you to switch over from the game to the stream just to reply.

The type of microphone you choose will depend on the sound card on your PC. If you wish to save on that aspect, a USB microphone works much better as it acts like its own 'sound card' with a direct digital conversion. This means the quality will remain the same regardless of your PC specs.

A conventional mic (those that have an audio jack), works better if you have a high-end sound card as it will assist in capturing higher quality inputs compared to that of USB mics. These conventional mics can also take advantage of the audio feature optimizations built into said high-end sound cards.

For the best quality, an audio mixer and a mic with XLR interface is your best bet. This will, however, mean that you will be using a desk-bound microphone and setup that occupies more space.

A desk microphone is generally preferred for YouTubers, but a downside of desk mics is that you require sufficient space to mount or place it. Depending on the quality, they also tend to pick up keyboard typing sounds, especially if you use mechanical keyboards. This would be unpleasant for live-streaming if you are constantly bashing away at your keys.

Headset mics, on the other hand, are generally of lower audio quality when compared to dedicated desk mics. They are however much more space efficient and are usually better at picking up just your voice as most are unidirectional and are located much more closer to your mouth.

That said, we went with the recently launched ASUS ROG Strix Fusion 700 headset. The main reason why we went for the Strix Fusion 700 was not for recording quality. It was primarily chosen because of its excellent sound output on the headphones as it comes with DTS Surround Sound 7.1 processing. This gives us an edge when figuring out where the gunfire came from and hopefully hear people trying to sneak up on us. You can read more about our experience here.

However, the Strix Fusion 700’s mic is nothing to scoff at either. The mic can output clear and crisp audio, great for answering questions but as it is a USB microphone, it does not come with a jack and can’t benefit from high-end sound cards.

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