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HardwareZone's 10th Anniversary: The 1998 - 1999 Era

Mobile Phones Before 2000

Mobile Phones Before 2000

Taking a trip down memory lane, we reminisce about the good old monochrome devices that got all the envious stares of most people who might still be pager users back then. This was in an era when Motorola, Nokia and Ericsson (now known as Sony Ericsson) were on top of the game with their offerings. Notably, Nokia had a few definitive devices that made strides in its design. To name a few, the Nokia 6110 was an icon amongst mobile phone enthusiasts at that period, and with the advent of internal cellular antennas within the mobile phone, came the Nokia 3210.

 The all familiar Nokia 6110, with its iconic green backlit monochrome screen and the soft rubber numeric buttons, was once the rage, as with most other phones of present day.

 Moving onto another year, the Ericsson T28s came into the consumer market by 1999, being one of the first few flip phones that was small, flat and not to mention the notably flat antenna too.

 But all that changed when internal antennas came into the picture with the introduction of the Nokia 3210, though the top-heavy device felt less comfortable in the hands than its earlier sibling, the Nokia 6110.

www.hardwarezone.com had its eye on the mobile phone front during this period of time, and as we moved on to bigger things, came the next logical step in our technology chase: mobile phone reviews. As such, you'll find more mobile phone coverage on HardwareZone from 2000 onwards and we'll bring you these highlights in the next coverage segment.

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