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HardwareZone readers check out Samsung's newest QLED TVs

By Ng Chong Seng - 24 Apr 2017

HardwareZone readers go hands-on with Samsung's newest QLED TVs


Samsung's QLED TVs are in town!

First announced at the CES trade show in January, Samsung’s latest flagship 4K UHD TVs, also known as QLED TVs, are now available in Singapore.

As we reported earlier, this year’s QLED TVs fall under three series: Q7F, Q8C, and Q9F. The biggest difference between the trio is design: the Q7F and Q9F are flatscreen TVs, while the Q8C is a curved TV. The 55 and 65-inch versions of the Q7F and Q8C are already in stores, with their 75-inch version and the highest-end 65-inch Q9F arriving in May.

To introduce the differences between the new QLED TVs and traditional TVs, Samsung has collaborated with HardwareZone for our readers to check out Samsung's latest in TV technologies. Taking place at the Courts Megastore in Tampines, 50 HardwareZone members were present to see what these QLED TVs are capable of, and have a better understanding of how they can fit in their living space as Samsung has made significant advances in TV design.

Here’s a recap of the key features on Samsung’s 2017 range of QLED TVs that were shared during the sessions:

Quantum dot TVs with 100% color volume - The QLED TVs are LED-LCD TVs enhanced by quantum dots. These tiny semiconductor material enable the TVs to cover the DCI-P3 color space, and more importantly, maintain the color accuracy regardless of brightness level. Glare is also reduced thanks to the use of an ultra-low reflectance film, and viewing angles improved in large part due to evenly distributed light across the entire panel, which allows for more consistent color from any angle.

1,500 to 2,000 nits - Samsung’s flagship TVs last year were already very bright, but this year’s QLED TVs have gone even brighter. With peak luminance of 1,500 to 2,000 nits, these Ultra HD Premium-certified TVs are ideal for both dim and bright room viewing.

Support for HDR - The QLED TVs’ high brightness and contrast also lend well to high dynamic range (HDR) playback, be it HDR streaming, HDR Blu-ray, or HDR gaming content. In a nutshell, the QLED TVs' high luminance headroom gives them a better chance of reproducing details of bright objects (think diamonds, clouds, metal objects) more accurately and closer to the creator’s intention than TVs with lower brightness.

Samsung's QLED TVs are still LCD TVs, but the use of quantum dots give them a great boost in color and brightness performance.

Improved One Remote Control - The QLED TVs come with a new silver-color One Remote Control, which allows users can control devices from a single TV remote controller. Voice control is supported, too.

The One Remote lets you control multiple set-top boxes with a single remote controller.

Improved Smart View app - The TVs’ Smart Hub interface has been extended to smartphones through Samsung’s latest Smart View app. Users can see all available smart TV content on the screen of compatible mobile devices; and with the improved interface, they can use these mobile devices to select and start their favorite live TV programs and video-on-demand services.

With the Smart View mobile app, the idea is that you don't need to put down your phone to pick up the remote just to select new stuff to watch.

Invisible Connection - To solve the problem of cable clutter, the QLED TVs come with a single, transparent “Invisible Connection” that runs to the One Connect box, through which all the external devices can be gathered and connected to. Here’s a GIF to illustrate.

Plug all your devices the One Connect box and have all their signals sent to the TV with a single "Invisible Cable".

No-Gap Wall-Mount - The QLED TVs continue to use Samsung’s “360° Boundless” design language, and feature a uniformly thin body and a nearly bezel-less frame. And the new optional “No-Gap Wall-Mount” allows the mounted TV to sit flush against the wall.

The end result (right) is a TV that can go flush against the wall when it's mounted.

New stands - Customers who don’t like to wall-mount their TVs have two beautifully-crafted stands that they can buy: the “Studio Stand” resembles an easel with a painting; and the “Gravity Stand”, which when attached to the TV, resembles a contemporary sculpture.

Don't like to wall-mount your TV? There are two very pretty and well-built stands you can buy.

Launch promotions

In case you missed our earlier report, from now till May 28, Samsung is holding an islandwide launch promotions for the QLED TVs. Customers who purchase a 55-inch or 65-inch QLED TV will receive a complimentary Xbox One S Forza Horizon 3 bundle (1TB) worth S$499. This promo is available at all authorized Samsung dealers.

In addition, these accessories are also going at special promo prices:

  • No-Gap Wall-Mount WMN-M10EA/XS (49-inch to 65-inch): S$149 (U.P: S$249)
  • Gravity Stand VG-SGSM11S/XY: S$999 (U.P: S$1,199)
  • Studio Stand VG-STSM11B/XY: S$799 (U.P: S$999)
  • Flat Soundbar HW-M550/XS: S$449 (U.P: S$599)
  • Curved Soundbar HW-M4501/XS: S$549 (U.P S$699)

Finally, here are a few more photos of last Saturday’s member event. Thanks to all the readers who dropped by and spent their afternoon with Samsung and Courts!

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