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HWZ’s year in review: Top HWZ TikToks of 2023

By Liu Hongzuo - 20 Dec 2023

HWZ’s year in review: Top HWZ TikToks of 2023

HWZ's 2023 top TikTok clips as a highlight reel, reminiscing on what we've seen this year.

HWZ's top TikTok short videos in 2023

As the end of yet another eventful year approaches, here's a quick throwback to HardwareZone's top content of 2023.

In this article, we look at 8 of our top TikTok short videos that garnered many views from our viewers in 2023. Thank you all for making HWZ the leading online technology portal in Asia Pacific, and supporting what we do. Here's our TikTok's year in review as we look forward to another.

1. iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max first looks

@hwztech Your very first look at the iPhone 15 Pro in all four finishes. #hwz #hwzsg #iphone15pro #apple #wonderlust #iphone ♬ original sound - HardwareZone

The iPhone 15 lineup and the Apple Watch Series 9 collectively garnered over three million views on our TikTok, given our opportunity to cover Apple’s iPhone keynote in person. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max proved to be the most popular video among them, as it showed off the new Titanium-themed colours of Apple’s 2023 flagship phone.

And if this spurred your interest to update your old iPhone, here are some helpful resources:-

2. L'Oréal Brow Magic


♬ Chemia Nowej Ery - Polskie Hity Internetu

At HWZ, we don’t just focus cool tech gadgets for men. One of our first TikToks featured the L'Oréal Brow Magic eyebrow printer seen at CES 2023, which could print out eyebrows directly on your beautiful face in mere seconds. It significantly reduces eyebrow drawing time during makeup, and the brows it can serve are pure class.

3. Don’t anyhow queue at IT Show 2023

@hwztech Don’t anyhowly start queuing. IT Show registration just needs to scan the QR codes at the entrances on Level 4. #itshow2023 #comexitshow #techtok #tiktoksg #fyp #hwzs ♬ original sound - HardwareZone

Everyone loves a good tip or two. One of our best-performing TikTok tips was about IT Show 2023, when the whole world decided to do an exhibition at Suntec Convention Centre on the same day. It was worth a quick video to explain how to find the correct queue to enter the technology fair.

4. A job we all want

@hwztech Boss, can I also have dis job? #itshow2023 #comexitshow #woosa #techtok #whyisthereabedattheitshow #tiktoksg #hwzsg #fyp ♬ original sound - HardwareZone

Another TikTok that spoke deeply to our viewers was the Woosa booth seen at IT Show 2023. Imagine being paid to pretend you’re sleeping — for this one person, she did not need any daydreaming for such a cushy job.

5. Redmagic 8 Pro unboxing 

@hwztech Pretty cool gaming phone ngl and its actually available in SG???? #nubia #redmagic8pro #android13 #sgtech #sgtiktok ♬ たぶん - YOASOBI

One of our first short video content for smartphones was the unboxing of the Redmagic 8 Pro, which featured its built-in cooling fans, dual-toggle display, and a whole bunch of perks that made it such a draw for mobile gamers.

Check out more about what's new from Redmagic, including being the first phone to launch with the next-gen Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor.

6. Honkai Star Rail Café pop-up

@hwztech Honkai Star Rail x Kith 9 Raffles Boulevard F01-44/45 Singapore 039596 8AM-9PM daily until 14 Nov 2023 #honkaistarrail #hoyoverse #sgcosplay #sganime ♬ original sound - HardwareZone

Our preview of Honkai Star Rail’s Café pop-up in Millenia Walk was largely supported by the game’s massive fanbase, who are genuinely excited about experiencing the in-universe cuisine and buying up all their favourite merchandise of their favourite characters.

7. Tampines bubble tea machine

@hwztech How come I’ve never see this before? #hwzsg #techtok #robot #bubbletea #boba #fyp #til ♬ original sound - HardwareZone

Just about everything in this video was strange enough for us to make it into a clip (and it seems like the viewers agree, too). Why Tampines? Why bubble tea? Why make a robot serve it? Why is it opposite a competitor? Why is it inside a parcel/courier store? It makes no sense, but it was proof that anyone would try anything to automate everything.

8. Nintendo pop-up at Jewel Changi

@hwztech Jewel Changi Airport. From 17 Nov 2023 till 1 January 2024. #nintendo #nintendopopupsg #videogames #popculture #singapore #tiktoksg #fyp ♬ original sound - HardwareZone

Finishing off our top TikTok collection is the sneak peek of Nintendo’s official pop-up store at Jewel Changi Airport. It was the first time Nintendo had an official pop-up store in Singapore, and it featured authentic Nintendo merchandise that’s typically only found in Nintendo stores elsewhere in the world. It’s still around until the end of 2023, so be sure check it out yourselves when time allows. If not, we've a lot of pictures to entice you.

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