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Hands-on with the new Canon PowerShot G3 X and limited edition SG50 PowerShot G7 X

By Alvin Soon - 29 Jun 2015

Hands-on with the new Canon PowerShot G3 X and limited edition SG50 PowerShot G7 X

We scored some time with a pre-production Canon PowerShot G3 X and the limited edition SG50 PowerShot G7 X. First: the PowerShot G3 X. The G3 X is Canon's latest powerful, chunky G-series camera since the PowerShot G1 X Mark II was released in early 2014. Those cameras also sit with the older PowerShot G16, released in 2013 and still listed on Canon SG's website. Here's how their specs line up:

  G3 X G1 X Mark II G16
Sensor Size 1" 1.5" 1/1.7"
Megapixels 20MP 13MP 12MP
Focal Length 24-600mm 24-120mm 28-140mm
Aperture f/2.8-5.6 f/2-3.9 f/1.8-2.8
Battery Life 300 shots 240 shots 360 shots
Size 123 x 77 x 105mm 116 x 74 x 66mm 109 x 76 x 40mm
Weight 733g 553g 356g
Price US$999.99 $999 S$599

Odd numbering aside, you can see that the cameras don't exactly follow in an order of good, better and best. The G1 X Mark II has the largest sensor, but the lowest resolution and battery life. The G16 has the fastest lens and longest battery life, but the smallest sensor size. The new G3 X has the longest range of all, with a big sensor and the highest resolution, but is the biggest and heaviest one of the lot.

Size compared against the Canon PowerShot G7 X.

You definitely notice the size when you pick this camera up - it's a chunky digital compact camera that's not really compact. Let's just say it's not fitting into anyone's skinny jeans. But the G3 X does come with an incredible 24-600mm focal length with dual-axis image stabilisation. We're talking about 25x optical zoom and a reach that equals this monster DSLR lens:

Look upon my lens, and despair - wait, you mean that little thing you're holding has the same 600mm focal length as my huge lens?

So, size is relative. The G3 X is big in comparison to other digital compact cameras, but small in comparison to the Canon EF600mm f/4 lens with a DSLR attached. Add to the fact that the G3 X has a large 1" sensor size, and that's an impressive feat of construction.

The G3 X uses the zoom toggle (surrounding the shutter button) to control the zoom.

You can set the camera to use 'step zoom'; when you turn the zoom toggle, the lens will quickly go through the marked focal lengths.

The 3", 1.62M dot touch-screen tilts up 180 degrees for selfie-times.

PowerShot G7 X (SG50 Limited Edition)

The PowerShot G7 X SG50 Limited Edition is basically a repainted G7 X with a red control ring and the SG50 emblem on top (I tried to pry it off, it's not a sticker). It actually looks snazzy in real life. Curiously though, the red on the ring and the red on the emblem don't match up, the red on the ring is bolder, richer; it immediately grabs your attention when you see it. The limited edition comes with a nice camera case, which also has the SG50 emblem embossed on it. 

There'll only be 500 of these made and sold, and they're all designed and manufactured in Japan. Each comes with a special 15th anniversary edition Canon G series packing and includes a certificate of authenticity. The SG50 PowerShot G7 X is available now at a recommended retail price of S$829, which is slightly more than the original PowerShot G7 X's SRP of S$799 at launch.

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