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Gear up Dad this Father’s Day with our gift ideas!

By Raymond Lau - 16 Jun 2019

Gear up Dad this Father’s Day with our gift ideas!

Star Wars Stormtrooper Edition peripherals by Razer

Add on to Dad’s geek cred with not just a tech gift, but a Star Wars Stormtrooper-themed tech gift.

The latest in Razer’s series of licensed peripherals, its line-up consists of a Razer Goliathus mouse extended mouse pad, a BlackWidow Lite keyboard, and an Atheris mobile mouse.

While admittedly an ironic design choice for high-performance peripherals -- after all, Stormtroopers are known to miss 90% of their shots -- these peripherals promise to deliver the high performance that Razer is known for.

Get them here. Prices start from US$34.99.


Google Pixel 3A

The Pixel 3A is Google’s latest attempt to make powerful handsets more affordable, a philosophy that harkens back to ye olde Nexus days.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the phone’s camera, which is identical to the one found in its larger and more expensive siblings. This means bright and rock steady shots even in low light. Plus, you get unlimited photo storage via Google Photos with every Pixel phone, making sure Dad safely backs up all of his precious memories.

In our review of the Pixel 3A, we called Google’s latest phone “75% Pixel 3 experience at 50% the price”. In other words, this may be a phone that can satisfy most of Dad’s needs without breaking the bank.

Buy it here for S$659.


iPad Pro

You can get the new iPad Pro with an 11-inch or 12.9-inch Liquid Retina display.

The iPad Pro isn’t a particularly new product, but Apple’s recent iPadOS announcement promises to give the world’s best-selling tablet a fresh new experience this fall.

The new iPadOS adds more laptop-like functionality to the iPad, offering a bunch of new tricks like widgets on the home screen, new ways to multitask, and support for external drives.

All of this translates to a gift that will age as well as Dad into the next few years. Get it at Apple SG from S$1,199 onwards.


Creative Outlier Gold

“True wireless” earbuds are finally maturing as a category. Today, most models offer great connectivity, good sound, and decent battery life. But there’s one thing our home-grown Creative offers in its new Outlier Gold earbuds that no one else does: Super X-Fi.

If you need a refresher on what exactly Super X-Fi is, check out our in-depth look here. In a nutshell, Super X-Fi is a is a technology that aims to recreate the sensation of listening to speakers on headphones through a mix of hardware, software, and advanced digital sound processing.

Best of all, it’s not outrageously expensive like other “premium” brands. One caveat: Super X-Fi will only work on audio files stored locally on your phone, and not through streaming apps like Spotify.

Buy it from Creative for only S$139!


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the little console that just won’t quit surprising us. More than 2 years after its launch, it feels as fresh as ever thanks to an ever-increasing library of games, bolstered by Nintendo’s vast collection of proprietary IP.

More importantly, the Switch is the console to get if Dad likes couch-friendly family games. No other console places as much emphasis on playing together in real life as the Switch does.

Buy it… almost everywhere! There seems to be a Switch on sale at any point in time on almost every e-commerce platform.


DJI Osmo Action

The latest contender for the GoPro throne has a few tricks up its sleeve that makes it a compelling gift for outdoorsy Dads.

The most stand-out feature is a tiny front-facing display to make life easier for selfie addicts. It’s also waterproof and has excellent video stabilisation.

Other essential specs: it can capture 12-megapixel stills in both JPG and RAW, and record 4K video at up to 60 fps. It even offers video effects like 8X slow motion and HDR recording.

Buy it here from US$369 and DJI provides free shipping to Singapore via DHL.


Kobo Clara HD

The Amazon Kindle is the first thing to come to mind when anyone talks about e-readers, but runner-up Kobo’s Clara HD is a strong alternative for anyone who wants to break out of the Amazon stronghold.

Its two main differentiators from the Kindle is larger storage, and more importantly, a backlight that you can turn yellow so that it’s easier on the eyes. If Dad is starting to have aging eyes, this feature alone makes the Clara HD worth considering.

However, note that it’s also not officially supported in Singapore, just like the Kindle.

Buy it here for S$290.


LG InstaView Door-in-Door fridges

For Dads who like to whip up a storm in the kitchen, LG’s line of InstaView fridges could be cool upgrade they’ve been looking for.

These fridges have a special glass panel that turns from opaque to transparent with two knocks, allowing Dad to see what’s in the fridge without having to open it and compromising freshness.

If Dad doesn’t cook, the fridges can be stored up with snacks for those all-important late might movie marathons or live soccer matches.

Find out more here; their prices start from S$4,599 to S$6,499.


Fitbit Versa Lite

For Dads who want to get more active but find smart watches too expensive, the Fitbit Versa might just be the ticket.

As its name suggests, the Fitbit Versa Lite is a pared down version of last year’s Fitbit Versa, resulting in a more affordable price.

As a basic activity tracker, it has great battery life and sleep tracking capabilities. Step counting is accurate, and it can connect to your phone’s GPS to track the occasional run through the neighborhood park.

Get it for S$248 from Fitbit's store on LazMall.


Sony Bravia A9G

Has Dad been hinting that he needs a new 4K OLED television? If you happen to have S$8,000 to drop on one of the best 55" 4K OLED TVs of the market, then make a beeline for the pre-order page of Sony’s latest A9G model.

The OLED TV market is getting increasingly crowded, but Sony’s models stand out with their unique features like a custom X1 chip that promises better image quality and speakers that lie behind the TV display itself.

The newest A9G model also ships with a Netflix Calibrated Mode, which promises to deliver improved image quality from the streaming service.

Yes, we know it’s a pre-order, but if Dad is set on a new TV, we’re sure he won’t mind waiting just a little bit longer!

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