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First looks: The LG V10 is a beautiful thing

By Alvin Soon - 20 Nov 2015

First looks: The LG V10 is a beautiful thing

The V10 is new, big, and beautiful, and I managed to sneak some time with it during a recent work trip to Seoul.

LG’s latest Android smartphone comes with a large 5.7” Quad-HD display, weighs 192g — the same as an iPhone 6S Plus, with roughly the same dimensions. It’s slightly larger than the LG G4, which was launched earlier this year and had a 5.5” display.

The V10 may sound like your everyday new smartphone, until you realize that the LG V10 comes with not one, but two screens, and not one front camera, but two.

Not one, but two screens and two front-facing cameras

Besides the large screen, there’s also a 2.1” second screen which sits above the main display. The second screen is there to display time, notifications, as well as to keep your favorite apps and functions. The two 5MP front-facing cameras are there for better selfies, one has a standard focal length, and the other has a wider focal length for wider selfies.

The big story about the V10, however, is the rear-facing 16MP camera with a f/1.8 lens, optical image stabilization and 4K video capture. Unfortunately, I only caught the display models in the store, so I couldn’t get or do much with the V10. However, I did get a feel of the V10’s stainless steel frame (which form the sides of the V10), as well as the new rubber coating on the back.

The V10 has an elegant stainless steel frame

I like it. The stainless steel frames give the V10 an elegant look, especially the gold frames. The rubber back feels comfortable, but this is highly subjective though, as a colleague of mine didn’t appreciate the rubber back at all.

The LG V10 comes in five colors: Space Black, Luxe White, Modern Beige, Ocean Blue, and Opal Blue. Pictured here are V10s in Luxe White (my favorite), Modern Beige and Ocean Blue.

Here’s the sad news though: LG Singapore currently has no plans to bring the V10 into Singapore. If you feel strongly enough about it, leave a message on their Facebook page — maybe you’ll be able to change their minds.

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