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First looks: KODAKIT mobile app lets you book photographers with ease

By Liu Hongzuo - 1 Mar 2016

First looks: KODAKIT mobile app lets you book photographers with ease

Kodak representatives demonstrating how KODAKIT works.

Today, Kodak launched their new KODAKIT mobile app. It works as a concierge service that bridges part-time and professional photographers to clients who require a shooter at their events or gatherings, and vice versa.

Currently, the KODAKIT app is only available in Singapore. Kodak says that there's currently over 200 photographers available for hire in the app, and these pre-selected photographers were carefully vetted before being made available to users. If a photographer wants to be listed on KODAKIT, they can register at the app's official website. HardwareZone was present at the launch event today and Kodak representatives helped to demonstrate how KODAKIT works.

Hiring a photographer is not very different from the many service-booking apps that populate the app store. After registering an account on the KODAKIT app, you can start booking a suitable photographer for the event you would like covered. The process is as simple as selecting the category of coverage, followed by a time and date, before getting a list of specialized photographers who are available for your event. Each photographer will also come with a portfolio of up to 25 photos. Kodak said that they intend to increase the number of images a photographer can include in his portfolio preview.

After selecting the photographer, you get to choose any of the packages that they offer. The price displayed is the price paid for their work.

After choosing the photographer and a shooting package, the user pays for it by entering payment details on the booking screen, via PayPal or credit card. Payments are held by Kodak until the photographer completes the job and send their final images to the user via the app itself. Pricing of the photo packages is up to the discretion of the photographers, and additional work such as post-production depends on what the photographer offers.

Before the photographer arrives at your event (which could be anywhere between days to weeks later), you can use the app's built-in messaging system to liaise with your new hire. This is useful if you need to request for special photography equipment or if you need to notify your shooter on any changes to the venue. You can also choose to tip your photographer after the shooting is done for the day - Kodak does not handle tipping via the app, so you'll have to do it in person instead.

Photographers can manage their KODAKIT profiles on the KODAKIT website.The profile handles their schedules and deliverables all in one place.

Upload completed work to KODAKIT's secure cloud storage under your client's booking, and your client can download them later.

Photographers can manage their schedule and messages on the KODAKIT website. The site also handles the final product deliverable to their clients - the photographer uploads the photos to their clients via Kodak's proprietary secure cloud storage, which will also be reflected in the app. There's no size limit for files uploaded onto the cloud.

Users/clients who are awaiting for their images can simply check their Orders page - when the photos are made available, they can hit the download button. A download link from Kodak will then be sent to the client's e-mail, and they can get the requested high quality shots this way as determined by the package purchased.

Users/clients who are expecting photos will receive a preview of their purchased images, and they will receive an e-mail with a Kodak download link upon request. Copyright of the images belong to the client, and Kodak highly recommends photographers to factor that into account when putting up their pricing plans.

Kodak is looking to expand the app's services to other countries, and they are also looking to providing more services within the app - such as ordering printed photo sets. KODAKIT is currently available on the iOS and Android app store, and you can learn more about the app through their official website here.

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